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Dimas Alang 1919: The Oldest Bakery in the Philippines

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When officers of Hicaps Marketing Corporation approached us regarding THE HICAPS NOTEBOOK, our immediate reaction was: “Wow, talagang taga Hicaps kayo? ang gagaling ninyo ah! “. This also carried the thanks Panaderia Dimas Alang 1919 wanted to convey in view of our many years of successful alliance with Hicaps in the field of breadmaking.

All this time we have found Hicaps products of high quality, consistent, and innovative at the same time the service is prompt and reliable including the collection procedure. 

Our store in Pasig, being in existence for nearly a century, is naturally located in the heart of the old town that has now become a city. The bakery was an offshoot of an older bakery named Dos Hermanos (beginnings forgotten) owned by the Raymundo family.

Dimas Alang’s Interesting Origin

When the matriarch Teresa Raymundo took over in 1919 she renamed it Panaderia Dimas Alang after the pen name adopted by Jose Rizal in Europe meaning “touch- me- not” or his famous “Noli Me Tangere.’’

A widow with four small children, she nurtured the store by force of perseverance and austerity. From her artistic family came pianists and painters and also gave the Philippines the legendary concert violinist Carmencita Lozada. 

One of the oldest bakeries in the Philippines and surely the oldest of all business establishments in Pasig City, it is a single store where it has been located since the beginning.

It upholds the tradition that made Pasig known for bread. In a blind tasting among several bakeries in the Metro Manila area and environs, FOOD Magazine recently named our pandesal the first prize winner. In our other products, it is our hope that we receive similar acceptance.

Old type breads are retained in our product line including locally known Kamachile, Pan de Niyog, Pan de Barra, Aglipay, Popo, Biscocho de Cana, Bonete, Galletas, and the biscuit with the intriguing and locally traditional name of Hindi Ko Akalain (a true original and best seller).

In keeping with the times, our efforts are also in developing new lines. These include Brazo de Mercedes, Egg Pie, Cakes. The line also features Turones de Dimas-alang. It uses local fruits of many kinds whether seasonal or perennial.

HICAPS and Dimas Alang 1919

Without even formalizing it, our business policy and guides have been: FROM OUR OVENS DIRECT TO YOUR TABLE, no store branches elsewhere, no intervening delay, fresh when you get it! ….and LOYALTY TO OUR CLIENTELE! 

Hicaps Marketing Corporation has been an ally in our business and has been a tremendous benefit to us at Dimas-Alang. How can it not be so to other bread makers as well? 


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