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Did you know that ChiffonAide Cake Oil will not solidify compared to ordinary vegetable oils when placed inside your Chiller?


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ChiffonAide Cake Oil 1L provides needed aeration and tenderness to obtain the desired final product attributes. Your cakes will have softer texture properties and mouthfeel. The best oil for your chiffon cake.

Features & Benefits:

  • KEEPS YOUR CAKE SOFT AND MOIST EVEN AFTER REFRIGERATION. Ordinary vegetable oils will solidify in cold temperatures. ChiffonAide will not.
  • PROLONGS YOUR CAKE’S SHELF LIFE. By emulsifying the ingredients of your cake, CHIFFONAIDE extends its shelf life.
  • MAKES YOUR CAKE BIGGER AND FLUFFIER. CHIFFONAIDE helps aerate your batter. This results in more volumized chiffon.
  • HELPS CORRECT YOUR BAKING PROBLEMS. One of the biggest problems home bakers encounter is overmixing. This can result in hard cakes. CHIFFONAIDE  corrects this by making your cake softer.
  • SAVES YOU A LOT OF MONEY. CHIFFONAIDE Cake Oil 1L helps you bake softer, bigger, fluffier, and long-lasting cakes. Think about how much you can save if your cake has more volume, doesn’t harden after refrigeration, and has a longer shelf life.


Application of ChiffonAide Cake Oil:

Use as a direct substitute for ordinary vegetable oil in the standard cake recipe. ChiffonAide is best for your favorite chiffon cake and other specialty cakes.


Dosage of ChiffonAide Cake Oil:

1 cup Ordinary Oil is equal to 1 cup ChiffonAide


Ordinary Oil pa rin ba ang gamit mo? Try This:

  • Put your ordinary oil and CHIFFONAIDE  inside your refrigerator.
  • Compare and see the result after one day.
  • You’ll be surprised, your cake really deserves CHIFFONAIDE.


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Recipes Using ChiffonAide Cake Oil 1L:

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5 reviews for CHIFFONAIDE Cake Oil 1L

  1. Charlotte Molina

    Chiffonaide Cake Oil may look like any other oil that can be used for baking; in fact, you might ask, why would I need Chiffonaide when I can use/have used vegetable oil (or your usual cooking) for baking anyway? This was my thinking before, but after using Chiffonaide for the cakes and pastries I make, I know I will always choose to use it over the usual cooking oil that I previously used for baking. Why? It makes the cakes incredibly soft!!! Even if I store it in the freezer, I can slice through it smoothly, as if it did not come from a freezer! With the regular cooking oil, I have to thaw the cake that comes from freezer before I could slice and have a bite. That is the main amazing difference that I have discovered using Chiffonaide. It is such a great product especially for baking cakes and I love it!!! Thank you, HICAPS!

    • Team HICAPS

      Hi Charlotte, We are so glad to hear you’ve enjoyed using our ChiffonAide for your baking! We’re delighted that it’s been a great experience and have passed on your feedback to the team.

      We hope this means you’ll continue with us as a customer – we appreciate all of the reviews we get from customers like yourself who are taking time out of their day to tell others about their experiences with HICAPS. Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts and feelings on our product- it helps us grow in ways that would not otherwise be possible without hearing directly from those who use our products.

  2. Claire G.

    Ang ganda nga ng effect sa cakes ko. Buti na lang free delivery dito sa Cabuyao. Thank you Hicaps

  3. Anne’s Cakes

    Tried and Tested. Effective sya!!

    • Team HICAPS

      Thank you for the five-star review, Anne’s Cakes! We are glad to hear that HICAPS has been helpful in your business. If there’s anything we can do to help improve your experience with our services, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re always looking for ways to make things better and more efficient for our customers.

  4. Sally D

    5 stars
    I will not use any other chiffon oil from now on!

    • Team HICAPS

      We’re so happy to hear that you love our ChiffonAide, Sally! We are sorry to hear that you were disappointed in the other oils you tried. We take pride in making a high-quality product and we hope that now with your newfound knowledge of HICAPS ChiffonAide, it will be easier for you to find the right cake oil for your needs.

      We really appreciate your feedback and hope this helps make future purchases more enjoyable.

  5. Ester briones

    Can I order this chifonaide oil to be deliver here in Saudi Arabia?

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