Ube Purple Yam Flavor EMULCO 100g

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Ube Purple Yam Flavor EMULCO 100g adds the delicious ube taste and color in one step! Perfectly blended to suit any recipe that requires ube taste and color.

For different applications

  • Halaya Ube
  • Ice Cream
  • Cheese Ube Pandesal
  • Crinkles
  • Cheesecake
  • Leche Flan Ube


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Ube Purple Yam Flavor EMULCO 100g adds the delicious ube taste and color in one step! Perfectly blended to suit any recipe that requires ube taste and color for  Cakes, Cheese Pandesal, and many more. This food essence helps you make irresistible and flavorful baked goods. Great for business and home use.

But What Is Ube?

Ube is a purple yam from the Philippines that’s sweeter and nuttier than its more common cousin, the sweet potato. It is commonly used in different Filipino desserts. The most common ube dessert is the ube halaya which is cooked by boiling this sweet potato or root vegetable and adding condensed milk and other ingredients.

And if real ube is not available, the most convenient and easiest way to add the real flavor profile to your recipe is by using Ube Emulco. Our lush purple food coloring will enhance the look of your baked goodies like Ube Cheese Pandesal. Our Emulco is a liquid-based food ingredient. It will give your products a fragrant and lingering aroma.

Combining mouth-watering taste, fragrant aroma, and rich color, your customers will certainly come back for more.


Why Use Yam Ube Emulco 100g?

  • Gives your baked goodies a natural taste: Most ube flavor products in the market cause an artificial taste. This ruins that perfect batter you worked so hard for. Not our Emulco. With a flair for natural taste, Our Yam Ube Emulco 100g gives the most natural ube taste profile there is.


  • Easily mixes with your batter: It has an easy-mix formula. It’s quickly absorbed by any kind of batter― from cookie to cake.


  • Maintains a rich color:  Ube products are known for having that distinct purple hue. However, no ube flavoring in the market does it like  ―even after baking, it will keep its vibrant purple color all day long.


  • Makes your baked products smell fresh: Taste and color are just two qualities of a perfect product. The other one? Aroma. Our Emulco makes your products smell fresh, just like when they come right out of the oven.


  • Is as flexible as it can be: Perfect ingredient for your many products such as cakes, cupcakes, cookies, bread, icing, frosting, and even ice cream and other desserts.

Our Ube Flavor EMULCO is Compatible with Different Food Products:

  • Ube Ice Cream
  • Cheese Ube Pandesal
  • Ube Crinkles
  • Ube Cheesecake
  • Leche Flan Ube

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5 reviews for Ube Purple Yam Flavor EMULCO 100g

  1. Jane V.

    Mas masarap ito kesa dun sa dating flavocol na ginagamit ko. Highly recommended ko sya.

  2. Jona Marie K.

    I like the ube taste. I will buy again.

    • Team HICAPS

      We’re so glad to hear you enjoyed the Ube Emulco flavor, Jona Marie.

      Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

  3. Rhaine

    Nicest flavor i’ve used. Mas natural ang flavor nya. I also love the color. The ube aroma lingers even after baking.

    • Team HICAPS

      Thank you for your review Rhaine! We are so glad to hear that you enjoy the natural flavor and aroma of our Emulco. It sounds like we have a new fan here!

  4. Jen’s Cupcakes

    Proven and Tested. Taste Like Never Before. Waiting for your new flavors 😍

    • Team HICAPS

      Thank you for your review, Jen’s Cupcakes. We are so happy to hear that our products taste like never before! Look forward to hearing about the new flavors you’re waiting on.

  5. ColoringPages

    “Wow, this Yam Ube Emulco is a true gem! The flavor is simply amazing and it adds a delightful twist to my baking creations. I love how it effortlessly enhances the taste and color of my desserts. It’s definitely a must-have in my pantry. Thank you for offering such a fantastic product! – Becky Gomez” https://coloringpageswk.com/

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