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Rodillas Yema Cake: The Story Behind Its Success

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Rodillas Yema Cake By Monica And Jett Bakeshop

It was a great partnership ― a match made in heaven. Vincent and Juliet Rodillas endured a long journey before finally creating their specialty― the delightful Rodillas Yema Cake Product of Monica and Jett Bakeshop, the pride of Tayabas, Quezon.

Their cakes are known for their mouth-watering frosting and soft texture. Their cakes melt in every bite, making you crave more. 

How the Beloved Dessert Started

It was 2010 when consumers took notice of the Rodilllas’ yema cake. Vincent and Juliet began selling their yema cakes with the help of relatives. Eventually, word about a delicious, soft cake spread like wildfire. With the help of social media, their products became popular in Tayabas and neighboring towns and provinces. 

As the business grew in 2014, the couple set up a factory in Tayabas. They hired workers to help them with the production. Later on, the couple created more flavors and products, such as Ube Cake, Caramel Cake, Chocolate Cake, Brownies, Cheesecake, Fruit Cake, Banana Cake, Upside Down, Custard Cake, Yema de Fruta, Cheese Cupcake, and Rodillas Crinkles.

Monica and Jett Bakeshop continued to expand to different provinces and cities in South Luzon. Most of their resellers enjoyed quick and huge sales, especially during the holidays

They also ran online advertisements that helped the business grow. A lot has attempted to copy and ride on the success of Rodillas Yema Cake, but Monica and Jett Bakeshop are the first and original makers of this specialty.

Rodillas Yema Cake Price List 2021 (Updated)

Here are the prices of Rodillas products, such as the famous Rodillas cake:

Rodillas ProductPrice
Whole Yema ₱290.00
Half Yema₱165.00
Whole Caramel₱290.00
Half Caramel₱170.00
Whole Ube₱300.00
Half Ube₱175.00
Whole Chocolate₱325.00
Half Chocolate₱190.00
Whole Yema de Fruta₱450.00
Half Yema de Fruta₱220.00
Whole 3 in 1₱315.00
Half 3 in 1₱190.00
Custard Cake₱185.00
Mini Custard₱45.00
Rodillas Upside Down Cake₱200.00
Mini Cake₱45.00
Sliced Cake₱30.00
Leche Flan₱60.00
Banana Loaf₱150.00
Banana Pack₱70.00
Triple Cookies Big₱150.00
Triple Cookies Small₱80.00
Oatmeals Big₱150.00
Oatmeals Small₱80.00
Cheesecake Pack₱65.00
Cheesecake Box₱165.00
Brownies Pack₱75.00
Brownies Box₱180.00
Fruitcake Pack₱70.00
Lengua Jar₱65.00
Pacencia Jar₱50.00

HICAPS and Rodillas Yema Cake

The couple expects their suppliers to be knowledgeable about the market they are serving. They also want their partners to fully understand their customers’ challenges. Lastly, they want their partners to be a part of their process. 

HICAPS understands the market for Rodillas Yema Cake. With their partnership, HICAPS has helped Rodillas’ Yema Cake by Monica and Jett Bakeshop achieve its business goals by reliably delivering high-quality cake ingredients when they want it and how they want it.

Learning from experience, Vincent and Juliet Rodillas said that determination and perseverance are the two most important attributes an aspiring entrepreneur should have. One should be able to keep pushing even when there are bumps along the way. 

How you handle the people who work with you also matters. You should find the balance between being bossy and strict. At the same time, you should also know when to be serious and lighten up. By doing these, you create a more productive environment.

“If you really want to do something, you’ll have to find a way. So dream big then work hard for it and eventually you will succeed. You need to look at life with a perspective that you can achieve anything that’s possible.”

Juliet and Vincent Rodillas


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Monica and Jett Bakeshop “The Original Maker of Rodillas Yema Cake”

For Inquiries and Latest Rodillas Yema Cake Price List, pls call the Main Branch at (042) 793 – 0436, Branch 2: (042) 793 – 3265 

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Rodillas Yema Cake By Monica And Jett Bakeshop

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