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Marky's Prime Bake

Marky’s Prime Bakeshop Corporation: Everyone’s Favorite Pasalubong

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Did you know? Marky’s Prime Bakeshop Corporation was not the first business the family tried building. They were actually discouraged because they didn’t have experience in the food industry. 

Things changed in 1988 when Evelyn Aquino created Marky’s Prime Bake. With the help of her family, she built a business that would soon be known for its pasalubong. 

Like other aspiring entrepreneurs, Evelyn tried everything. She went into other ventures in hopes of being successful. Little did she know that a food business would make her dreams come true. 

The Humble Origin of Marky’s Prime Bakeshop Corporation

At first, Evelyn’s family was hesitant to pursue their food business. It’s because they didn’t have experience handling one. However, upon seeing the business’ potential, they pursued it. In particular, Evelyn saw the signs the business is doing well.

Initially, they had a small production. They went through trial and error to improve their products. They also studied how to make the business stand out. Now, Marky’s Prime Bakeshop Corporation is on a level Evelyn didn’t expect it to be.

Evelyn has been handling Marky’s Prime Bakeshop Corporation for almost 30 years now. As a hands-on owner, Evelyn makes sure to give what her customer needs. In addition, she ensures her employees’ welfare. 

Despite her immense success, Evelyn remains grounded. She doesn’t let success get into her head. In fact, her humility is why people love working with her. 

With a heart of gold, Evelyn continues to grow her well-loved line of native biscuits. Marky’s Prime Bakeshop Corporation’s pasalubong is widely known in the country and overseas. 

HICAPS and Marky’s Prime Bake

How do you come up with a delicious line of native biscuits? It starts with raw materials that will fit the standards of  Marky’s Prime Bake.

After a careful selection process, Marky’s Prime Bake partnered with HICAPS for ingredients. HICAPS products are the best ingredients for Marky’s Pasalubong. Throughout the years, Marky’s Prime Bake and HICAPS have been strong partners.

As a result, Marky’s consistently produced pasalubong with great quality. In addition, their personalized approach increases their customer base. 

If you’re starting a business, you should always remember the traditional saying “Sipag at Tiyaga”. Don’t be afraid to go through trial and error. Moreover, give it your best. At the end of the day, you won’t have any regrets knowing that you did your best.

A business venture will have failures. However, these don’t matter if you believe in yourself.  How you adapt to change will determine your course. 

In addition, being a successful entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to be too controlling. Being too controlling pushes people away from you. 

Try to build a good relationship with your employees. Be thankful that they are there to help you achieve your goals. In turn, help them achieve their dreams. 

A good relationship with your people can go a long way. Be a good example to your employees rather than be seen as just the boss of the company. Good treatment towards the employees of the company can be one of your keys to success.

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HICAPS is a proud partner of Marky’s Prime Bakeshop Corporation. Over the years, HICAPS has supplied high-quality ingredients such as chiffon oil, Magic Whizk Whipping Cream, Red Velvet Emulco, and Royal Victoria Cream Cheese to our valued clients nationwide. 

HICAPS also provides tools and resources to valued partners such as the free “How to Increase Your Sales Amidst the Pandemic” E-book and free dealer locator that helps look for baking ingredients near me

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