Eng Seng Food Products
Eng Seng Food Products

Eng Seng Food Products and Its Success Over the Years

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Eng Seng Food Products

Eng Seng is an embodiment of an entrepreneur knowing their vision and mission by mind and heart.

In 2005, John Tan and Glena Ponce founded Eng Seng Food Products in Davao City. Five years later, they had a branch in Manila to serve their growing customers.

The company produces “Pasalubong Delicacies” such as polvoron, nuts, banana chips, chicharon, pastillas. Their best seller “Tower Yema” is known in many parts of the Philippines and the world. Because of its uniqueness and taste, the Tower Yema, the business stands out among its competitors.

Eng Seng’s Local and Global Expansion

Eng Seng Food Products has store outlets in Manila called MAVAO Pasalubong Store. This was coined from the words Manila and Davao. One of their missions is to cater to balikbayans craving for delicious and healthy delicacies. Indeed, the brand shows signs of a bakery business doing well.

The company’s focus on its vision made it the success it is now. Their actions align with their plans for success, including preparing the business for the holidays.

John and Glena, with the help of their employees and suppliers, continuously improve their products. This is to satisfy their customers and cope with the market. 

Creating a clear vision and working hard are the keys to Eng Seng’s success. Furthermore, the company’s vision is embraced by its team. 

The brand says that aspiring entrepreneurs know their vision by heart. Always monitor your business idea according to your vision. Remind yourself about your goals and decide accordingly.

HICAPS and Eng Seng

HICAPS has helped Eng Seng improve their Tower Yema. The company constantly visits HICAPS. In return, HICAPS is always available whenever they need to discuss improvement. 

Over the years, this partnership collaboration resulted in the unmatched quality of the “Tower Yema”. This has been recognized by people. Moreover, it satisfied the cravings of many balikbayans.


HICAPS is a proud partner of Eng Seng. Over the years, HICAPS has supplied high-quality ingredients such as chiffon oil, Magic Whizk Whipping Cream, Red Velvet Emulco, and Royal Victoria Cream Cheese to our valued clients nationwide.

HICAPS also provides tools and resources to valued partners such as the free “How to Increase Your Sales Amidst the Pandemic” E-book and free dealer locator that helps look for baking ingredients near me

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Eng Seng Food Products

Eng Seng Food Products

Manila: (02) 353 – 3328

Davao: (082) 305 – 2263 / 0917 – 7179848 

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