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Rowena’s Pasalubong / T. Mendoza Bakeshop

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Rowena’s Pasalubong / T. Mendoza Bakeshop

In 2000, Rowena Mendoza started Rowena’s Pasalubong. She was satisfying her customers with different types of delicacies (buko pie, boat tart, round tart, meringue, etc.) then.

Rowena’s products are 70% manufactured by her son Theodore Mendoza. He is the owner of T.Mendoza Bakeshop.

The bakery has been producing Filipino delicacies since 2004. It turned into a bigger commissary when demands escalated in the year 2008. 

As a mother and a wife Rowena Mendoza eagerly seeks an income-generating activity to support her family. She started as a supplier of meat, vegetable, and pasalubong products. She then built a small kiosk of pasalubong. This later turned into a well-known store not only in Tagaytay City but also in various parts of the region.

Rowena’s Pasalubong/ T.Mendoza Bakeshop and HICAPS

Quality and Taste come first, Rowena’s Pasalubong / T.Mendoza Bakeshop considers this as their guide to satisfy their customers. This type of mindset helps them become what they are today. It also helps determine what they will continue doing in the future years. Gradually, their business grew and that was when they realized they need a more reliable supplier.

Rowena’s Pasalubong / T.Mendoza Bakeshop values their suppliers the way they value their customers. Together with HICAPS, in more than a decade, they have developed plenteous products that made the demand for delicacies even higher. “I guess it is really like a mutual understanding that Hicaps has some of the ingredients we need and that we can’t live without”, said the owner.

Food for Thought

Certainly, there is a rough road in business but how will we walk through it determines our destiny. Rowena’s Pasalubong / T.Mendoza Bakeshop believes that intelligence is not the only determinant of success. It requires God, perseverance, and a larger vision.

Success doesn’t happen overnight, but rather it takes a period of perseverance, hard work, dedication, and dreaming.

Rowena’s Pasalubong / T.Mendoza Bakeshop

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Rowena’s Pasalubong / T. Mendoza Bakeshop

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