• Rose Bakeshop
    Determined to pursue her passion, Ms. Rosalina Go faced the biggest challenge of her life, having only a hundred and fifty pesos in her pocket, she found herself worrying if she will make it or not. Motivated to chase her dreams, Ms. Rose did not hesitate to leave Cebu City and move to Davao City […]
  • Taza Mia Coffee
    Turning his dream into a reality, Mr. Rodel G. Lacorte strived hard to reach the success of Taza Mia Coffee today. The year 2009 to 2010 when Mr. Lacorte, also called Sir RGL by his peers and employees, first conceptualized his dream coffee business. April 2011, the pilot branch of Taza Mia Coffee was opened […]
  • Pasuquin Bakery
    Up north Ilocos Norte, less than an hour’s drive from Laoag City lies Pasuquin known for its fine and sandy beaches and a well-known bakery. But what others not familiar with, is that this place is also home to the famous maker of delicious Biscocho, Pride of the North. This legacy was led by no […]
  • Funnside Ningnangan
    Known to be the persons behind the Pampanga’s famous grill and seafood restaurant, former Sto. Tomas Pampanga Mayor Joselito Naguit and business woman Mrs. Librada Manlapaz journey is another rags-to-riches story, from a small grill and seafood restaurant in a small town to becoming the biggest and most famous grill and seafood restaurant in Central […]
  • Sonya’s Garden
    If you have reached your goals, try to help others achieve theirs, sharing your knowledge and blessings in life will give meaning and purpose to your business. Alagang Sonya. It started literally like the food directly from Sonya’s garden. With a green thumb who lived in Europe for 10 years, what started as a weekend […]
  • Eng Seng Food Products
    An entrepreneur should know their vision and mission not only by mind but also by heart. It was year 2005 when John Tan and Glena Ponce established Eng Seng Food Products in Davao City. Five years later, they established a branch in Manila to serve their growing customers. Eng Seng Food Products is mainly engaged […]
    A good relationship with your people can go a long way. Be a good example to your employees rather than be seen as just the boss of the company. A good treatment towards the employees of the company can be one of your key to success. Evelyn Aquino It was year 1988 when Evelyn Aquino […]
  • Rodillas Yema Cake By Monica And Jett Bakeshop
    If you really want to do something, you’ll have to find a way. So dream big then work hard for it and eventually you will succeed. You need to look at life with a perspective that you can achieve anything that’s possible. Juliet and Vincent Rodillas of Rodillas Yema Cake It was a husband and […]
  • Chef Jojo Javier of Sweetilicious Home Made Goodies
    It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. Chef Jojo Javier  Chef Jojo Javier is a well known chef, a business woman and a columnist at Cook Magazine – Connecting Foodies. She started out baking in 2005 as a hobby; learning simple and basic recipes. While slowly working her […]
  • Crumbs Cake Art
    Minor or major problem you have to face it, continue with what you are building and eventually through the process you will discover your potential, because once you quit a challenge that you didn’t even put your best effort on, you are considered a loser  Anna Lutche Pepito  “Never say die” — This is the […]
  • Bebeth Banayo of Arabella Sweets
    A person can have all the skills in the world, you can study anywhere, take up masters degree but if you do not love what you are doing and you’re not passionate about it then all your hard work are for nothing . Dr. Bebeth Banayo  She was the accidental baker as she described it. Bebeth […]
  • DIMAS-ALANG 1919
    When officers of Hicaps Marketing Corporation approached us regarding THE HICAPS NOTEBOOK our immediate reaction was: “Wow, talagang taga Hicaps kayo? ang gagaling ninyo ah! “, which carried also the thanks Panaderia Dimas-alang 1919 wanted to convey in view of our many years of successful alliance with Hicaps in the field of breadmaking. All this […]
  • BIGGS Diner
    The best entrepreneurs are those who have weathered through challenges and failures and kept on course before finally getting to their successful venture out of grit and determination  Carlo Buenaflor, Biggs CEO BIGGS Diner Biggs has been around for 34 years. It all started in 1983 when three enterprising ladies, Nene Bichara, Nienie Buenaflor and […]
  • Graceland / Baker’s Plaza
    Don’t lose hope and you have to know what you want. You cannot reach your destination if you don’t know where you want to go. Felipe Dy A humble beginning that turned into a powerhouse food business in Naga and Bicol’s major towns and cities. Felipe and Felicidad Dy started the legacy of Graceland, with […]
  • MER-NEL’S Cake House
    Determination was the key to success of Merle and Nelson Balicao when they started their business MER-NEL’S Cake House in January 1996 at the Grove Ave. Los Baños, Laguna. At first, the cake business was never really a plan because baking is not a hobby for Merle Balicao, but with sheer hard work and determination […]
  • Max’s Restaurant
    Max’s Restaurant started as a single-branch restaurant in 1945 after Maximo Gimenez, a Stanford-educated teacher, befriended the American GIs stationed in Quezon City who would regularly visit his home for a drink or two. As Maximo, or Max, as the GIs fondly called him, invited his new friends, his niece, Ruby Trota, would prepare food […]
  • Rowena’s Pasalubong / T. Mendoza Bakeshop
    Success doesn’t happen overnight, but rather it takes a period of perseverance, hard work, dedication, and dreaming. Rowena’s Pasalubong / T.Mendoza Bakeshop The year 2000 when Rowena Mendoza started Rowena’s Pasalubong satisfying her customers with different types of delicacies (buko pie, boat tart, round tart, meringue, etc.). Rowena’s products are 70% manufactured by her son […]
  • Jelexie Bakeshop
    Jelexie Bakeshop was established in Tarlac City in 1984 as a home-based bakeshop by its founder, Mr. Armando Tan who had just migrated from China to the Philippines.  With its first branch in M.H. Del Pilar Street, Jelexie was mainly engaged in the distribution of its breads in different canteens and supermarkets.  After Mr. Tan […]