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Max’s Restaurant: A Product of Passion and Compassion

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Max’s Restaurant

Max’s Restaurant started as a single-branch restaurant in 1945. This was after Maximo Gimenez, a Stanford-educated teacher, befriended the American GIs stationed in Quezon City. They who would regularly visit his home for a drink or two.

As Maximo, or Max, as the GIs fondly called him, invited his new friends. His niece, Ruby Trota, would prepare food for them to enjoy. They then created a special recipe for fried chicken that became an instant favorite for the GIs.

Max’s Restaurant was getting their dinner rolls from La Mayorca Bakery in Quiapo. He served it with his famous Sarap-to-the-Bones fried chicken. In 1963, Mrs. Trota thought of baking the dinner rolls themselves. They decided to put up a bakeshop at the back of their house along the Redemptionist Road in Baclaran.

The bakery complemented the restaurant. It started small with seven of her relatives as bakers who made use of the “pugon” as ovens to make rolls and loaf bread. 

Mr. Peping Mendiola led the bakeshop. He did this with his two cake bakers. They first introduced a 2-layer butter wedding cake. Two pastry bakers joined the team. The bakeshop then added new products like mongo and pork hopia, egg pie, pork empanada and chicken pie.

Max’s Restaurant Over the Decades

Over the years, the business grew. Max’s introduced new products like ensaymada, blitz torte, pineapple upside down, chocolate chiffon cake with chocolate fudge icing, banana cake, food for the gods, troubadour cake, and choco, mocha, & ube rolls.

The bakeshop also started to offer delivery and wedding cake services and distributed its products to schools, canteens, and dealers. In1986, the well-loved caramel bar was born. It became a popular dessert for parties held in Max’s Restaurant.

The bakeshop expanded its business further and started to provide products to institutional clients starting with the Quezo Cake delivered to Philippine Airlines in 1994. The volume of products prompted the move to the then newly-built FTI building.

In 2004, Max’s Restaurants incorporated the bakery corner/nook concept. To date, Max’s Corner Bakery has 163 store-in-store locations nationwide and is also servicing other brands and clients, including its various sister companies in Max’s Group and Philippine Airlines.

Behind Max’s Restaurant Success

Genuine, thoughtful, delightful. These attributes have helped Max’s Corner Bakery become one of the most loved brands in the country along with Max’s Restaurant.

As the bakeshop started as a family business, the company has always been proud that it is anchored on a strong heritage and tradition of excellence.

The recipes we are using today were handed down from generations. Our expert bakers have worked for decades to perfect the quality of our products. Constant innovation to address the needs of its customers and partnerships has also helped the company push its boundaries. This also helps keep it fresh despite its decades of existence.

Our desire to serve customers and bring their ideas to life has helped create and sustain the relationships we built over the years. The use of premium packaging and high-quality ingredients while maintaining affordable prices have kept the brand relevant. Moreover, this helps Max’s become a value-for-money brand.

HICAPS and Max’s Restaurant

HICAPS Marketing started offering Max’s Corner Bakery ingredients and products in 2007. Our strong partnership was made even more evident when we opened our commissary in Dau, Pampanga. As they were one of the few suppliers we have in Manila who can deliver our requirements straight to the new facility.

We were impressed with the service they gave us as they went the extra mile to ensure product quality will not be compromised. We can always count on HICAPS to help us deliver delightful products to our customers. The partnership we have built over the years has led to mutual growth. 


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Max’s Restaurant

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