Jelexie Bakeshop

Jelexie Bakeshop and Its Commitment to Filipinos

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Jelexie Bakeshop

Jelexie Bakeshop was established in Tarlac City in 1984. Initially, it was a home-based bakeshop founded by Mr. Armando Tan. At that time, he just migrated from China to the Philippines. 

The company’s first branch was at M.H. Del Pilar Street. It distributed bread in different canteens and supermarkets then. It is also a big hit during the holidays. As a result, the business is always prepared for the holidays

Mr. Jimmy Tan, the eldest of Armando, took over the company when he passed away. This is when the company began to expand. Two more branches opened in Tarlac that same year. Wanting to follow its mission to be competitive and innovative, Jelexie Bakeshop (JB) opened another branch in 2000. 

Since then,  the bakeshop has been opening branches almost every year. As of writing, it has 40 branches all over Tarlac, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, and Pangasinan. It also continues to show signs that the bakery is doing well.

The company slogan is “Ang Sarap Kasama Sa Bawat Okasyon” (“Great To Have In Every Occasion”). This upholds JB’s mission to become a customer-driven and family-oriented corporation. Furthermore, it continues to produce freshly baked bread and cakes. Their products give customers the best value for their money.

Behind the Success of Jelexie Bakeshop

Jelexie Bakeshop is truly thankful for the people behind the production and distribution of its products. Today, the company has about 400 employees. As the business stands out, the company also strives to maintain its standards. 

The company’s catchphrase, “A Passion for Excellence,” continues to inspire every individual who works for it. To pay it forward, Jelexie has a scholarship program that aims to help its employees’ children. Given this, the company continues to fulfill its social obligations. 

Speaking of social obligation, JB has been involved in several typhoon relief operations. The company also conducts feeding and bloodletting programs in Tarlac. 

Jelexie serves the people as it always has. Its commitment to become a national brand that will help households around the country continues. Standing by its corporate values, the company remains strong. It continues to follow its founder’s legacy of a never-ending quest for excellence. 

HICAPS and Jelexie

In 1998, Mr. Lino Manalo, the founder of HICAPS, introduced its premium product line to Jelexie. For more than 20 years now, the business partnership between the two companies continues to grow.  JB’s Research and Development and HICAPS’ exceptional service make this possible. 

As Jelexie expands in North Luzon, HICAPS is committed to helping the company grow.


The business partnership between HICAPS and Jelexie is based on trust and confidence. The company knows that HICAPS will help achieve its goal. Likewise, HICAPS believes that Jelexie will continue to provide high-quality products and help its employees & the community.

HICAPS is a proud partner of Jelexie Bakeshop. Over the years, HICAPS has supplied high-quality ingredients such as chiffon oil, Magic Whizk Whipping Cream, Red Velvet Emulco, Ube Flavor, and Royal Victoria Cream Cheese to our valued clients nationwide.

HICAPS also provides tools and resources to valued partners such as the free “How to Increase Your Sales Amidst the Pandemic” E-book and free online dealer locator that helps look for a baking ingredients store near you

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Jelexie Bakeshop

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