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21 Baking Tools and Equipment Every Baker Must Have

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Baking is a science and an art. To deal with the science part, you must use baking tools and equipment. 

Measurements are crucial in making the perfect baked goods, so you must know which baking tools and equipment you must have. However, if you’re a beginner baker, choosing which baking tools and equipment to buy can be time-consuming and intimidating.

Don’t worry though, because we got your back. In this article, we’ll talk about 21 baking tools and equipment every baker must know.

Baking Tools and Equipment for Every Baker

Whether you are a beginner or pro baker, owning the following baking tools and equipment are crucial in your carrot cupcake or red velvet cookie recipe:  

1. Measuring Spoons

Measurements are the most important part of baking. When you add too much cornstarch or sugar, your baked goods won’t turn out great. They will be too thick or too sweet.

This is where measuring spoons come in. Since desserts like this dream cake recipe call for measurements in tablespoons and teaspoons, you must have measuring spoons.

Remember, you must have a complete set of measuring spoons. Owning one spoon is not enough. 

2. Measuring Cups

Baking is about accuracy. You must closely follow recipes to make delicious treats. This includes measuring liquid ingredients properly. So, you must have a complete set of measuring cups or at least have a conversion chart ready.

Keep them at an easy-to-find spot because you are going to use them often. Most measuring cup sets include one cup, ½ cup, and ¼ cup. However, it owning more cups like 2-cup and 4-cup pieces so you can measure at once helps. 

3. Kitchen Scale

Some recipes call for ingredients in pounds or grams. Given this, you must have a kitchen scale. This makes you ready in case your newfound recipe calls for ingredients in grams.

For instance, this simple brownie recipe requires ingredients in grams. You cannot measure these ingredients using spoons or cups, so you must have a weighing scale.

4. Mixing Bowls

You are going to mix a lot of ingredients when baking. From flour and sugar to eggs and chocolate, you have to mix often.

However, you cannot mix them without bowls. Mixing bowls allow you to mix ingredients then incorporate them to the mixture as you bake. 

Remember, some baking techniques require you to mix things first before putting them into the main mixture. 

5. Spatula

One of the most important baking tools and equipment is a spatula. It helps you flip, spread, and scrape food.

There are three types of spatulas: (1)flippers, (2) spreaders, and (3) scrapers. 

Flippers are usually used for frying. They are not highly essential for baking but you can use them to serve dishes like baked macaroni. 

Spreaders are long and narrow spatulas. As its name implies, you use it to spread frosting on cakes or cupcakes. 

Scrapers are usually made of rubber. They are used to scrape liquid mixtures. They can also be used to gently mix ingredients. 

Spreaders and scrapers are essential baking tools and equipment, so you should have them at least.

6. Pastry Brush

pastry brush
Credit:  Kritsada Paningchul

A pastry brush is another essential baking tool. Contrary to popular belief, a pastry brush has multiple uses.

For one, you can use it to grease a pan before baking. Moreover, you can use it to paint the top of a pie crust. You can also use it to top a dough off with egg wash. 

7. Wire Rack

If you don’t want soggy, overbaked pastries, you need to have a wire rack in your kitchen. A wire rack lets air circulate around your pastries. By doing this, your pastries cool well.

Since cupcakes and cupcakes cannot be frosted while hot, you must have a wire rack. In addition, it helps you cool down cookies and donuts before you dip them into sauce.

8. Whisk

A whisk is mainly used to beat eggs, but it has other purposes. For one, you can use it to mix liquid ingredients like milk and water together. You can also use it to mix dry ingredients like flour, sugar, and cocoa powder

In addition, whisks are an alternative to mixers. If you cannot afford to have an electric mixer yet, a whisk can help whip cream and beat eggs. 

9. Cake Pan

There are many pans in this list of essential baking tools and equipment, so you might want to take some notes.

To begin with, you need a cake pan. Cakes are amazing desserts that can make your business stand out. In addition, a cake pan helps you prepare for the holidays, especially at Christmas. 

If you are into tiered cakes, you should have two or more differently sized cake pans.

10. Cupcake Pan

Use a cupcake pan to make fresh cupcakes for your family and friends. You can also use it to make small muffins and Filipino macarons. 

If you want to start a baking business, cupcakes are a great way to begin. Cupcakes are versatile. You can decorate them any way you want, so they can be a big hit. Plus, they come in many delicious flavors.

11. Pie Pan

pie pan

Pies are another versatile pastry that delights many people. From savory to sweet, pies come in many flavors. 

Of course, you cannot make pies without pie pans. You can use them to make single- and double-crust pans. If you are into it, you can also use pie pans to make deep-dish pizza. 

Cookies are a godsend to the dessert industry. They can be chewy, fudgy, and crunchy. Like pies and cupcakes, they also come in many flavors. 

If you are a big fan of cookies, you must have at least one cookie pan. These pans are not just for cookies. They can also be used to make bread rolls, pizzas, and other flat pastries.

13. Loaf Pan

Your favorite bread recipes call for a loaf pan. Hence, a loaf pan is a baking tool you should not skip on.

With bread being modified to appeal to customers, loaf pans can help advance your business. If you want to upgrade your business, having multiple loaf pans for different bread products is a great idea. 

14. Knives

Preparing your ingredients involves slicing, peeling, and chopping. A chef’s knife lets you do all that. You can use this multi-purpose knife to prepare chocolate, meat, and other ingredients.

If you have room for one more, having a paring knife helps. It easily lets you do things a chef’s knife is too big for, like peeling small fruits.

15. Parchment Paper

If you don’t have parchment paper in your kitchen yet, buy it now. 

For one, putting parchment paper on your pan before baking prevents your baked goods from sticking to the pan. In addition, parchment paper helps you bake without the mess. Since your treats come out cleanly, your baking tools and equipment get less dirt.

If you want a more eco-friendly alternative, a silicone baking mat will do fine. 

16. Rolling Pin

rolling pin

A rolling pin is one of the baking tools and equipment you cannot live without. 

To start with, a rolling pin is used to roll bread, biscuits, and cookies. Using a rolling pin, you can evenly flatten thin pastry. This makes you bake crisp delicious pastry. 

In addition, you can use a rolling pin to crush your garnish (e.g. crackers and chocolate). Since some recipes call for coarse garnish, a rolling pin helps. It’s because a rolling pin does not give the fine texture a food processor does. 

17. Decorating Kit

Speaking of garnishing, you should have a decorating kit. Whether it’s for decorating cakes, cupcakes, or cookies, a kit helps. 

A decorating kit usually includes regular piping tips, a piping bag, a turntable, a leveler, and a spatula. You can also add more baking tools and equipment to your kit if you want. If you want to make a lot of cupcakes, Russian tips help you make more designs. 

18. Electric Mixer

Whether it’s a hand or stand mixer, an electric mixer makes your baking life easier. 

To begin with, an electric mixer saves you a lot of time. Mixing ingredients without a mixer is time-consuming. It also helps you mix ingredients the way they should be mixed. This ensures that you get the recipe right.

19. Food Processor

A knife can help you chop ingredients. A rolling pin can help you crush your garnish. However, they cannot give the fine texture a food processor can.

Aside from the fine texture it produces, a food processor also saves you a lot of time. It can chop ingredients within seconds, so you have more time for baking. 

20. Oven

Whether it’s gas or electric, you cannot bake without an oven. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to spend thousands of pesos to get an oven.

You can start small by buying a small convection oven. Using this, you can hone your baking skills. When you get more confident or start a baking business, you can upgrade to a bigger oven. Or you can read first our article about “How to Choose The Right Oven” before getting the right oven.

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21. Baker’s Peel

wooden baker's peel
Image from Canva Pro

A baker’s peel is a shovel-like kitchen tool that makes it easier to put and take out unbaked pizzas, loaves of unbaked bread, and other baked goods. The baker’s peel includes a handle that makes it easier to control the tool. 

It can transfer soft bread and pastries without deforming the structure. Typically, baker’s peel uses wood and metal as their primary materials. One of the essential purposes of the peel is to keep the baker’s hand at a distance from the hot-burning oven. Peels are available in all different sizes and shapes. 

Baking Tools and Equipment Are a Must-Have

basic baking tools and equipment

Whether you just started baking or advancing your baking skills, you must have these baking tools and equipment. Without them, your baking journey won’t be as smooth as you expect.

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And remember, it is important to regularly clean and sanitize your baking tools and equipment to ensure food safety and quality.

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