HICOA Dutch Premium Cocoa Powder 500g

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A Dutch-process cocoa powder or also called alkalized.

  • Easily dissolves to save time and offers a richer chocolate taste.
  • Has a darker color and less acidic.
  • Produces moist and fudgy baked goods.
  • Brings in more loyal customers.

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Hicoa Dutch Premium Cocoa Powder 500g – For richer color and taste. Hicoa is a Dutch-process alkalized cocoa powder. This type of cocoa is usually darker in color, smoother, and gives a deeper chocolate flavor.

  • Easily dissolves to save time. Tired of cocoa powder brands that are hard to mix with your recipe? HICOA Cocoa Powder is specially made for you.
  • Offers a richer chocolate taste. HICOA Cocoa Powder goes beyond enhancing the taste of your desserts.
  • Has a darker color. Improve the color of your desserts through HICOA Premium Cocoa Powder.
  • Less acidic. Our cocoa powder is Dutched-processed. Dutch processing neutralizes the cocoa’s acidity, which means that it works well with baking powder.
  • Produces moist and fudgy baked goods. Most consumers prefer moist and fudgy baked goods over non-fudgy and dry ones.
  • Brings in more loyal customers. The rich, moist, and fudgy desserts you make using HICOA Cocoa Powder will make consumers come back for more.


Hidden Gem of Cocoa Powders

If you’re a chocolate lover, then you know that cocoa powder can be quite pricey. Or if you bake with it often, it can get really expensive!

With Hicoa Premium Cocoa Powder, you are getting the best quality product for an affordable price. It is the hidden gem of cocoa powders. You will not believe how good this cocoa powder is until you try it yourself! The smooth taste of rich chocolate will make your baked goods stand out and come alive!

Premium Quality at an Affordable Price

Stop paying high prices for low-quality cocoa powders that don’t have any flavor in them. Get your hands on our premium products today to start baking yummy treats just like the ones from your favorite premium bakeshops!

We guarantee that once you use our cocoa powder in one of your recipes, there’s no going back to inferior brands again. Our dutch premium cocoa powder is sourced from the finest beans in the world so they’ll give foods a richer flavor than other brands

Bake yummy brownies, cakes, cookies, or chocolate chip muffins with Hicoa Premium Cocoa Powder !!! Your family and friends will love this deliciousness!


Best used for baking cakes, pudding, ice cream, fillings, and frosting. It is perfect for chocolate drinks and other dessert chocolate sauces.

Recipes Using HICOA Dutch Premium Cocoa Powder

Homemade Hot Chocolate
Red Velvet Cookies

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3 reviews for HICOA Dutch Premium Cocoa Powder 500g

  1. Nette Panganiban

    i like this cocoa powder. dark sya at sobrang sarap ng chocolate cakes namin ngayon

  2. Anne’s Cakes

    Same lang result ng brand ko pero mas mura. Love the dark result.

  3. Sally D

    I have better chocolate cake now because of this. #ilovehicoa

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