The 9 Most Popular in the Philippines for 2021

Cake Designs: The 10 Most Popular in the Philippines for 2021

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This article is for all the home bakers and business owners who would like to know what cake designs are popular now in the Philippines this year 2021. There has been a steady increase in orders for 3D cakes that have an intricate design. Meanwhile, simple 2D cakes are slightly decreasing in orders except for the minimalist cakes.

The most common colors being ordered are pink, white, blue, and yellow. With each color having roughly equal numbers of order requests. Other popular colors include red, purple, and green. Orders seem to be evenly split between fondant-covered cakes and buttercream-covered cakes. However, more people are favoring buttercream cakes since they’re cheaper than fondant covers. And it takes less time to prepare them.

Cakes are a sweet treat that most people enjoy on special occasions. It makes the celebration more memorable, whether it’s your birthday, anniversary, or just want to have a little fun with the kids. There is always time for cake! In this article, we’ll be sharing some tips and good products that will definitely improve your cakes.

There are many popular cake designs in the Philippines for 2021, but these nine are currently trending:

  • Minimalist Cake – this design is perfect for those who want a simple, yet elegant cake. This type of cake typically has a thin layer of frosting and focuses on simplicity and clean lines.
  • Little Pony Cake – this is perfect for those who are a fan of the popular My Little Pony TV show. This type of cake typically has a fluffy, light layer of frosting and large decorations to look like ponies.
  • Boss Baby Cake – it is perfect for those who are a fan of the popular movie. This type of cake typically has thick, dark frosting and large decorations to look like the movie’s characters.
  • Bento Cake – this is a popular minimalist cake in Korea. It is a mini cake version contained in a takeout box.
  • Rainbow Cake – it is a fun and colorful take on the traditional white, vanilla sponge, or buttercream cakes. It uses shades of red, pink, orange, yellow, and blue frosting.
  • Money Cake – this design is a unique twist on the traditional birthday cake. It features a cake with an assortment of coins or paper money hidden inside the cake. It represents money for all your future endeavors!
  • Roblox Cake – this cake features characters from the popular video game Roblox.
  • Frozen Cake – the iconic Disney movie has inspired a variety of cake designs. This can feature a vanilla sponge and white frosting with an edible “snow” covering.
  • Number and Letter Cake – this design features any single or combination of letters or numbers cake design.
  • Other occasional cake designs like father’s day cake design. Inspiration can come from Red Horse Beer, Cars, and other similar designs.

Tips for Designing Cakes

There are also some interesting tips on how to make cakes at home if you want to do it yourself. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Research what the most popular cake trends are so that you know what to make.
  • Use a thicker batter for your cake if possible. This will give it more of a fluffy texture and be easier to work with.
  • Flip the cake over onto a wire cooling rack after baking and remove it from the pan before frosting. Next, flip back to finish drying so that you don’t get crumbs on your frosting!
  • Remember to refrigerate any cakes with whipped cream or souffle fillings until they are ready for decorating.
  • Frost the cake when it is completely cooled. It will not melt the butter in your frosting or cause crumbs from cookies to fall into it.
  • Apply a thin layer of “snow” on top of cakes like Frozen. And use whipping cream mixed with powdered sugar for snow.
  • Add sprinkles, chocolate chips, or other edible decorations to the cake for some extra decoration.

Using HICAPS Essential Cake Ingredients

HICAPS Marketing Corp. is a popular cake ingredient company that has been around for many years. They offer a variety of products to help you make your cakes stand out and become more unique.

  • Emulco Flavors and Colors are unique food additives that can help impart natural-like flavors and colors to your baked products.
  • Magic Whizk Instant Whipping Cream can help you make a stable and perfect frosting for your cake designs including Boss Baby Cake Design, Rainbow Cake Design, Frozen Cake Design.
  • Buttercream Prime Butter Blend will impart the real butter taste. And make your buttercream frostings more creamy at an affordable price.
  • Instabake Premixes are for professional cake makers and home bakers. The brand includes ready mix for Brownies, Butterscotch, and Moist Chocolate Cake.
  • ChiffonAide Cake Oil will ensure that your cake will stay soft and fluffy.
  • Hicoa Premium Cocoa Powder will impart real chocolate goodness for your cakes, brownies, and other desserts.


A cake is an important part of any celebration, and we know that Filipinos love their cakes. Whether you want a cake for your wedding or just to celebrate with friends and family, the design will make all the difference in how your event goes. And with the right ingredients and a little creativity, you can turn your cake into something truly special.

We hope we inspired you with this list of the popular cake designs in the Philippines for 2021. If you need help with any of these supplies or have questions about how to use them in baking, we’re here for you! We can also provide recipes that will make cooking up some delicious treats an easier process. Contact us or simply click HERE if you want to find out more information on our services or schedule a consultation appointment with one of our experts. You deserve it!

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