Difference Between Flavocol and Emulco

What’s the Difference Between Flavocol and Emulco?

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Flavocol and emulco are both colors and flavors used in baking. They were originally created for cooking, but are now being incorporated into all sorts of different foods.

The two have many similarities, so it’s not always easy to distinguish them from each other. In this article, we will compare and enumerate the advantages of using one of these products.

Flavocol is Flavor + Color

Flavocol is a delicious and popular type of flavor used in baking applications. Filipinos usually use flavocol, since we have many different brands to choose from.

Artificial flavoring is a clever way to create the tastes and colors of food without actually having anything in it. Artificial flavors are a combination of different colors that go together to make one thing taste like something else. For example, ube flavocol is yam flavored and it has purple in its pigment; strawberry flavocol will have red coloring because strawberries also contain the same color as well as flavorings which give them their taste.

The usual component of flavocol is water. It dissolves well with water while not being extremely viscous or sticky like many other food colorings.

Advantages of Flavocol

  • Flavocol is a popular choice for Filipinos because of the many flavors it comes in.
  • With color and flavor combined, it is more versatile than other types of flavorings, such as spices and powder flavors.
  • Flavocol is easy to use and it dissolves well with water.
  • Due to its components, it is more affordable than other types of flavors.

Emulco is Emulsifier + Color

A new type of syrup-based flavoring, Emulco, is now available in the market. It’s made with concentrated flavoring and food coloring to provide an easy way to add a different taste or color into any dish or baked product by simply pouring it over the ingredients and mixing them together.

Emulco (stands for “Emul”-Emulsifier; “co”-Color), literally means a flavor emulsion combined with food coloring, often added into food products to enhance appearance, aroma, flavor, mouthfeel and to retain moistures.

Advantages of Emulco

As Emulco is a combination of nature-identical food flavoring and coloring, Emulco is very convenient and versatile to use in making food products especially pastries and beverages.

Besides that, Emulcos’ existence has had brought many advantages for fellow food manufacturers or even household users such as:

  • Enhance appearance, aroma, and flavor of baked products
  • Retain moisture of baked goods, resulting in a softer texture and better mouthfeel.
  • Provides great aroma to food, can retain more flavor because it can withstand high baking temperature.
  • A new type of flavor and color that is slowly becoming popular in Asia and now in the Philippines.


Flavocol is the more popular food additive now. Emulco might be the next big thing in food additives.

What is the difference between Flavocol and Emulco? We all know that flavocol is a flavor and color combined for easier use. Wherein Emulco is a concentrated natural-like flavoring with an addition of food coloring and emulsifiers to add more features like aroma, mouthfeel, and moisture retention.

Emulco has the power of appealing to consumer palettes by helping enhance the flavor, color, and aroma of baked products.

Flavocol is more popular in the Philippines and emulco will soon be catching up with its new features, which make it a great addition to food products!

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