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12 Minimalist Cake Design Ideas for Your Baking Business

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Less is indeed more, and minimalist cake design ideas prove how beautiful this concept is. Whether you bake it or buy it, this kind of cake will mesmerize you, a very simple cake design.

Minimalism has been around for quite a while, but it is not until 2019 when Marie Kondo’s hit Netflix show that minimalism became more popular than before. 

Now, minimalism does not just involve art or interior design. It involves cakes made with the right baking tools and equipment, too. 

A new food trend originating in South Korea, cakes with less design ideas have gained popularity all over the globe. Countries embracing the wave include the Philippines. This made Korean style minimalist cakes a beloved Filipino dessert

While many cakes usually have a complex design, this cake design is different. It is easy to make, and the overall feel is more laid back than usual cakes. With designs inspired by plants, landscapes, and pop culture, minimalist themed cakes continue to attract people.

Plus, many bakeries and bakeshops now offer these cakes, so adding them to your menu can make your baking business stand out. Bakers also like them because of their simple yet elegant designs. Moreover, you can combine these cake designs with popular cake flavors to make a big hit cake!

So, without further ado, let’s explore the top 12 minimalist themed cakes that will delight your eyes.

12 Minimalist Cake Design Ideas for Baking Enthusiasts

Here are 12 amazing Korean style minimalist cakes to inspire you: 

1. Artsy Minimalist Cake

Source: Aegyo Cake

Inspired by Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night painting, this cake leaves anyone in awe. Even expert bakers love this design.

Of course, other famous paintings can inspire you. You can use any painting as a basis including the painting your kid did and the painting you did as a kid. Another key element here is the food coloring that you will use, it should be bright and stable.

With great attention to detail, anyone will fall in love with an artsy minimalist cake. After all, this cake caught your attention, right?

2. Inspired By Flowers

flower minimalist cake
Source: Dessert Studio Manila

Many love icing that looks like flowers. So, this list includes a simple cake design with flowers as well. 

However, unlike a regular cake, you don’t have to put flower icings on top one by one. Instead, you use a piping tip and draw flowers on top of the cake to achieve this design.

You can use any flowers you want. Just make sure not to take it over the top. 

3. Ocean Waves

ocean wave cake
Source: Whipped To

This cake featuring ocean waves is quite a stunner. Using white and blue frosting, it shows everyone what real cake art looks like. 

Unleash your inner beach lover self by trying out this design. It is a perfect gift for surfers, resort owners, and anyone who likes the ocean.

While it can be hard to execute at first, this cake remains worthy of your time and effort. A vanilla cake batter is a perfect match for this theme. In addition, executing this simple cake design makes you one of the best minimalist cake designers. Don’t you want that? 

4. A Splash of Color

one color minimalist cake
Source: Mackerel Cake

As its name suggests, this design involves one splash of color. While this design looks complicated, it is not. 

One of the easiest cake designs, this cake involves covering white frosting and one splash of color. Of course, you can choose the color you want to brighten your cake with. 

After covering the cake with frosting, put frosting in a different hue using food coloring. Then, use a spatula to spread it. Then, use the same frosting to write the words. 

5. Rainbow Minimalist Cakes

rainbow cake
Source: Baked by Trimy

If you want to take your colors up a notch and have an Instagram-worthy cake, check out this rainbow minimalist cake design.

While regular rainbow cakes feature rainbow colors inside, this puts the said colors on top. Just like the splash-of-color design we mentioned before it, this design includes white frosting as its base.

To do this design, you have to cover the cake with white frosting, put some rainbow colors using your buttercream frosting added with your favorite food coloring and flavor, and spread them using a spatula. Then, using white frosting, write some words. 

6. Landscape Cakes

landscape minimalist cake design
Source: Jan Kim Grumbles Custom Cake Design

Do you need something that looks elegant yet gender-neutral? Try this landscape cake design. Perfect for nature lovers, this cake catches anyone’s attention. 

Unlike other theme cakes, this one puts the landscape on the side. However, if you want to put the landscape on top, go ahead. No one’s going to stop you. You can also add powdered sugar to imitate a snowy landscape.

Just like other minimalist designs in this list, you might find it hard to do at first. But with enough time, you can perfect it.

7. Sweet Animals

minimalist cakes
Source: Aegyo Cake

How about cakes that look like your favorite animal? Enter this cute minimal cake design.  

Inspired by a cute pink pig, this trend won’t go away anytime soon. From ducks to dogs, cute animals are not just for kids. They please adults as well.

In addition, this cake looks like a stuffed toy, which makes it more adorable. After all, who doesn’t like cute animals? 

8. Emoji Cakes

emoji cakes
Source: Sugar Hero

Speaking of cute things, we decided to include a cute trend on this list. As you can see in the picture, this cute cake design involves your beloved emojis. 

Just like many minimalist cakes, this one involves a few colors. You just need yellow, red, and black frosting, and voila! You can create an emoji cake. 

9. People Minimalist Cake Design

minimalist cake art
Source: Cravings by Glena

We already covered cute animals as components of this cake art. As expected, you can also put people on top of cakes. 

Interestingly, cakes can look like portraits. But unlike portraits, this simple cake design does not involve a lot of details. Instead, it follows the style of line art.

As you can see in the example above, the baker decorated the cake using lines traced like people. Hence, putting a cartoon version of your clients will make them appreciate your business more.

10. One Word Is Enough

simple cake
Source: CVC Collection

Yes, you heard that right. One word is enough to decorate this cake. The easiest minimalist cake to make, this one just takes a few minutes to decorate. 

Usually used on birthday cakes, you can use any word you want. It can be a shortcut of a greeting or the age of the celebrant.

Whatever word you choose, make sure to put just one. After all, the trend on Instagram says it― one word is enough to express your love.

11. A Phrase Is Enough

simple cake design
Source: By DK

One word is not enough for some people. The solution? A phrase. 

Since minimalist cakes pride themselves on being simple, putting a phrase on top of a cake works. Just like the one-word cake, you can easily decorate a one-phrase cake. 

Just cover the cake with frosting and put down the phrase on top. But if this seems bland to you, put a border on the side, just like the one in the picture above.

12. Black and White Cake

black and white cake
Source: Cakes by Alyanna

A lot of things are not black and white. This simple cake design idea is not one of them.

This cake features two of the most basic colors. Yes, it includes two basic colors. However, this design is far from basic. You can start with a recipe for your chocolate base using dark cocoa powder.

Contrary to popular belief, you can do a lot of beautiful cakes and cupcakes using white and black frosting. 


Without a doubt, Korean minimalist cakes and cupcakes are here to stay. They have been viral for about a year now and will most likely be for years to come because of their very simple cake design. Less is more. So, why don’t you join the bandwagon and increase your profits?

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