pizza recipe dough

Homemade Pizza Dough Easy Recipe

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You love pizza, and you want to make it from scratch. And now you are looking for an easy homemade pizza dough recipe.

Making pizza dough in your own home is a wonderful way to ensure that you know exactly what’s in the food that you’re feeding to your family, as well as ensuring that your food tastes spectacular.

Once you’ve made this pizza dough and tried the pizza that you can make in your own home with this, we’re confident that you’ll never order out for pizza again, seriously!

What makes this recipe great?

The thing that we really adore about this recipe is that it takes the idea of using just the basic ingredients for the dough and truly turns it up a notch. A lot of classic Italian recipes rely on the idea of using a few brilliant ingredients and using them sparingly enough that you’re essentially showing them off. Think about Caprese salad – that’s just basil leaves, mozzarella, and tomatoes. The fact that there are so few ingredients, though, helps you to understand how great each individual ingredient is!

This recipe uses just salt as a flavor enhancer, and that’s there to boost the flavor of your cheese and sauce. The true star of the show is the yeast that we’re using here – it breathes life into the dough, leading to a well-risen and wonderfully light dough.

What’s the proper kneading technique?

pizza recipe dough

This might sound a little silly, but there is a proper technique for kneading dough. The idea is simple, so let’s go through it.

Start with a ball of dough in front of you. Then, using the heel of your dominant hand, press the dough down into your floured work surface and away from you. You want to stretch the dough away from you without ripping it at all.

Once stretched, tuck your fingers under the far end of the dough, and flip the distant side back onto the place that you started. You should then have a strip of dough that’s been, essentially, folded in half widthwise.

Pick the dough up off the work surface, and turn it so that it’s ninety degrees away from the orientation it was in when you picked it up. Place it back down, and repeat the press and fold sequence again. Those are the basic steps, and through doing that many, many times, you’ll get wonderfully kneaded dough!

Ideas for putting a personal spin on this recipe

Pizza chefs all over the world have their own personal spin that they like to put on a dough recipe, and that’s one of the wonderful things about pizza dough – it can be so unique! We would suggest not trying to break the mold at first, and starting by adding some of your favorite herbs and spices to the pizza dough during the kneading stage.

For a classic Italian blend, simply remember ‘BORT’ – Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, and Thyme. Using roughly a teaspoon of each of those herbs (dried, not fresh) will allow you to put a classic herby spin on pizza dough.

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Pizza Crust Dough Recipe

This homemade pizza dough recipe will show you how to make a delicious crust in just 30 minutes! All that’s required is 5 basic ingredients and a few easy steps. It doesn’t get much easier than this! Your family and friends will be amazed by your newfound cooking skills – we promise!

pizza recipe dough

Basic Pizza Dough Recipe

This recipe is great because it's easy to make with little kids by your side. Plus, the dough is made from scratch! This recipe will teach you how to make this delicious dough that tastes like the real deal! So don't wait any longer and start making your own pizza today.
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Prep Time 25 mins
Ref. Time 8 hrs
Total Time 8 hrs 25 mins
Course Snack
Cuisine Italian
Servings 4


  • 14 g Sunstar Instant Dry Yeast
  • 1.5 cups Water
  • 4 cups All-Purpose Flour
  • 1 teaspoon Salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon White Sugar
  • 1 tablespoon HICAPS PURE – OLIVE OIL


  • Combine flour, salt, sugar, and yeast in a bowl.
    4 cups All-Purpose Flour, 1 teaspoon Salt, 1/2 teaspoon White Sugar, 14 g Sunstar Instant Dry Yeast
  • Make a well in the center.
  • Pour water into center of well. Start kneading dough, bringing flour toward center of bowl; gradually increase kneading motion.
    1.5 cups Water
  • If dough feels dry, add a little more water; if it feels sticky, add more flour.
  • Add olive oil and knead vigorously until dough is smooth and elastic.
    1 tablespoon HICAPS PURE – OLIVE OIL
  • Roll into ball; cover with a damp cloth. Let rest for about 10 minutes in warm place.
  • Beat dough with your palm to expel gas formed while fermenting.
  • Roll dough again into ball; place in greased bowl. Baste with oil.
  • Cover with plastic wrap; store in refrigerator.
  • When ready to use, thaw the dough for atleast 30 mins. in room temp.
  • Place dough on floured counter top or table.
  • Flatten with your hands, working from center out (a rolling pin may do also).
  • Push dough evenly onto greased cookie sheet or pizza pan, forming a 12-inch circle with edges thicker than middle.
  • Make your pizza. Apply favorite toppings in desired amounts.
  • Bake in hot oven (475 to 500 degrees F) until golden brown.
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Some Tips in Making Your Own Homemade Pizza Crust Dough

  • Lightly oil pizza dough with neutral-tasting vegetable oil before stretching it.
  • Roll pizza dough from the center to the edges in order to stretch it evenly in all directions.
  • It is preferable to create a pizza crust that is soft, thin, and pliable instead of a pizza crust that is thick and doughy.
  • When using pizza sauce, spread it as thinly as possible in order to achieve maximum taste with minimal sogginess.
  • Pizza dough should be rolled and stretched as thin as possible to maximize the pizza’s flavor and texture.
  • Use a baker’s peel to turn your dough and ensure even cooking.
  • Serve pizza immediately after cooking for the best flavor and texture.
  • There’s no proofing and less rise time when you’re using Sunstar Instant Dry Yeast!

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