Cheese EMULCO Flavor 100g

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EMULCO are liquid consists of food flavoring, coloring and emulsifier, added into food products to enhance appearance, aroma, flavor, mouthfeel and to retain moistures.

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The Cheese Emulco Flavor & Color 100g adds the delicious cheese taste and color in one step! Perfectly blended to suit any cheese recipe, this food essence helps you make irresistible baked products.

Its lush yellowish color also enhances the look of your baked goodies. The Cheese Emulco also gives your products a fragrant, lingering aroma.

Combining mouth-watering taste, fragrant aroma, and rich color, your customers will certainly come back for more.

In particular, Cheese Emulco Flavor & Color:

  • Gives your baked goodies a natural flavor. Most cheese flavor products in the market cause an artificial taste. This ruins that perfect batter you worked so hard for. Not Cheese Emulco. With a flair for natural taste, Cheese Emulco gives the most natural cheese flavor there is.
  • Easily mixes with your batter. Cheese Emulco has an easy-mix formula. It’s quickly absorbed by any kind of batter― from cookie to cake.
  • Maintains a rich color. Cheese products are known for having that distinct yellowish color. However, no cheese flavoring in the market does it like Cheese Emulco―keeping a vibrant color all day long.
  • Makes your baked products smell fresh. Taste and color are just two qualities of a perfect product. The other one? Aroma. Cheese Emulco makes your products smell fresh, just like when they come right out of the oven.
  • Is as flexible as it can be. Cheese Emulco Flavor 100g can be used to make many products such as cakes, cupcakes, cookies, bread, and even ice cream.

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