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Rodillas Yema Cake: The Story Behind Its Success

[Audible Article] Rodillas Yema Cake By Monica And Jett Bakeshop It was a great partnership ― a match made in heaven. Vincent and Juliet Rodillas endured a long journey before finally creating their specialty― the delightful Rodillas Yema Cake Product of Monica and Jett Bakeshop, the pride of Tayabas, Quezon. Their cakes are known for their mouth-watering frosting and soft…


Dimas Alang 1919: The Oldest Bakery in the Philippines

[Audible Article] DIMAS-ALANG 1919 When officers of Hicaps Marketing Corporation approached us regarding THE HICAPS NOTEBOOK, our immediate reaction was: “Wow, talagang taga Hicaps kayo? ang gagaling ninyo ah! “. This also carried the thanks Panaderia Dimas Alang 1919 wanted to convey, given our many years of successful alliance with Hicaps in breadmaking. We have always found Hicaps products of…


Graceland / Baker’s Plaza / Red Platter: A Story of Triumph

[Audible Article] Graceland / Baker’s Plaza A humble beginning that turned into a powerhouse food business in Naga and Bicol’s major towns and cities. Felipe and Felicidad Dy started the legacy of Graceland. Their willingness to try anything to help them meet the objectives of their growing family was astounding. Both didn’t finish schooling back in the days but that…


MerNels Cake House: A Peek Behind Its Success

[Audible Article] MER-NEL’S Cake House Determination was the key to the success of Merle and Nelson Balicao when they started their business Mernels Cake House in January 1996 at The Grove Ave. Los Baños, Laguna. At first, the small business idea was never really a plan. It's because baking is not a hobby for Merle Balicao. However, with sheer hard…