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Red Velvet Cake Simple & Easy Recipe

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Red velvet cake is a classic dessert that everyone loves. It’s not the easiest to make, but it’s so worth it! This easy and simple recipe makes a delicious red velvet cake and we’ve included a video so you can follow along easily.

This recipe is easy enough for any home cook and tastes delicious! Plus, it’s super festive with its rich color and cream cheese frosting on top.

A Brief History of Red Velvet Cake

This cake is a classic Southern dessert that has been around for generations. This rich, chocolatey cake gets its unique color from a reaction between buttermilk and cocoa. While the exact origin of this cake is unknown, there are a few stories about how this delicious treat came to be.

One story claims that someone created this cake in the early 1900s at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City. Another story says that the Texas company, Adams Extract, created the cake to market a red food coloring as a “velvet food color” in the 1920s. Regardless of its origins, the cake has become a beloved dessert worldwide.

There are many ways to make the cake, but one thing remains constant: it must be moist and fluffy with a deep red color. The most common frosting for this cake is cream cheese frosting, which pairs perfectly with the cake’s rich chocolate flavor.

If you’re looking for a show-stopping dessert to make for your next party or potluck, look no further than red velvet cake! This classic Southern dessert is sure to please any crowd. And with so many different ways to make it, you can always put your spin on this traditional recipe.

The Secret to Delicious Red Velvet Cake

Everyone loves red velvet cake. But what makes this cake so unique? Is it the color? The flavor? The texture? Let’s look at this classic cake to see what differentiates it from all the other options.

What Makes Red Velvet Cake Red?

But what gives this cake its distinctive hue? Let’s take a closer look at the science behind this popular dessert.

Two main factors contribute to the characteristic red color of the cake. The first is acidity. Acids react with baking soda to produce carbon dioxide gas, which causes the cake to rise and gives it a characteristic velvety texture. In addition, acids help stabilize the red pigments in food, preventing them from fading over time. This is why many recipes for this cake call for buttermilk or vinegar.

The second factor contributing to the cake’s red color is cocoa powder. Cocoa contains a high concentration of natural reddish-brown pigments called anthocyanins. When combined with an acidic ingredient like buttermilk or vinegar, these pigments are more readily released, resulting in a deeper, richer red color.

What Gives Red Velvet Cake Its Distinctive Flavor?

In addition to beets, the cake gets its flavor from a combination of vanilla and chocolate. The amount of cocoa powder used in the recipe also plays a role in the flavor of the cake. More cocoa powder will produce a more chocolatey flavor, while less chocolate powder will make the cake taste more like vanilla. Most recipes for this cake use a small amount of cocoa powder, which results in a light chocolate flavor that’s not too overwhelming.

hicoa dutch premium cocoa powder

Why Is Red Velvet Cake So Moist and fluffy?

The cake is known for its moist, fluffy texture. This is achieved by using ChiffonAide Cake oil instead of butter in the recipe. Vegetable Oil makes for a more moist and tender cake, which is why it’s often used in quick bread and muffins. In addition to oil, red velvet also contains buttermilk, which helps to keep it moist and gives it a slightly tangy flavor.

chiffon aide cake oil
chiffonaide chiller test

Easy and Simple Best Red Velvet Cake Recipe

Follow this easy step-by-step guide so you can have a beautiful dessert ready in no time at all! Your whole family will love this recipe, especially if they’re fans of this cake already. Not only does this taste great, but it looks gorgeous too! Find out more about the secret of a consistent quality cake below.

easy baking recipe red velvet cake

Red Velvet Cake Easy Recipe

It's time for the holidays, but you don't want to spend all day in the kitchen. You want to enjoy your family and friends without spending hours preparing food.
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Prep Time 45 minutes
Cook Time 35 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 20 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 6 people


  • Oven
  • Stand Mixer
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Cake Stand
  • Cake Pans



  • Cream Hicaps Buttercream and sugar until light and fluffy.
    115 g HICAPS Buttercream Prime
  • Add ChiffonAide Cake Oil while continuously mixing.
    240 ml ChiffonAide Cake Oil
  • Add eggs one at a time.
    3 pcs Whole Egg
  • In a different mixing bowl, sift all the dry ingredients until well combined. Set aside.
    340 g All Purpose Flour, 35 g Cornstarch, 12 g HICOA Premium Cocoa Powder, 1 tsp Baking Soda, 3/4 tsp Salt, 425 g White Sugar
  • Add Red Velvet Emulco and Vanilla Extract to your egg mixture.
    30 g Red Velvet Emulco Flavor and Color, 12 g Emulco Vanilla Flavor
  • Slowly add in all the dry ingredients mixture alternately with your milk mixture.
    240 ml Mlekovita UHT Milk, 1/2 tsp Distilled White Vinegar
  • Remove from stand mixer and give it a quick mix until no more lumps at the bottom of your bowl.
  • Pour cake batter into your prepared 8 inch pan lined with parchment paper about 3/4 from the rim.
  • Bake for 30-35 mins at 180’c preheated oven.
  • Transfer in a cooling rack and let it cool completely.
  • To make frosting, cream softened Royal Victoria cream cheese until smooth. Transfer in a separate bowl.
    225 g Royal Victoria Cream Cheese
  • Using the same mixing bowl, measure Magic Whizk and cream for 2 mins.
    400 g Magic Whizk Instant Whipping Cream
  • Gradually add cold water and continue to mix for another 3 mins.
    100 g Cold Water
  • Scrape sides as needed.
  • Change to high speed and continue to mix for another 4 mins until stiff.
  • Fold in Royal Victoria Cream Cheese.
  • Continue mixing until smooth.
  • To frost the cake, remove parchment paper.
  • Fill the cake with cream cheese frosting and cover it entirely.
  • Finish it off with pipings and cake crumbs on top.
  • Chill cake for 20 mins before serving to let the frosting set.


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FAQ About Best Red Velvet Cake Recipe

What is the real Flavour of red velvet cake?

This cake is well known for their unique flavor profile that is somewhere between sweet and pleasantly sharp or sour to the taste, with an almost creamy texture. The most prominent note in this dessert comes from cream cheese frosting which provides just enough whipped goodness to coat every bite you take!

How is red velvet different than chocolate?

Red velvet has a very mild cocoa flavor with an edge of sour or sharpness. The cream cheese frosting is what really makes this dessert special, as it tastes even better than the original chocolate recipe!

Why does red velvet cake not taste like chocolate?

This cake doesn’t taste like real chocolate cake because it has very little of the stuff. In most recipes, you’ll find 1/2 to one cup for cocoa powder and red velvets need between 2 tablespoons all together or just under half an ounce per layer!

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Conclusion for This Unique Cake Recipe

Red velvet cake is a classic dessert that’s loved by everyone. But what makes this cake so special? It’s the combination of flavorful ingredients and unique techniques that give this cake its distinctive taste and texture. If you’re looking to bake something special, give this cake a try!

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