PowerMix Premium Bakery Shortening 20kg

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It is a premium bakery shortening prepared from a blend of specially processed vegetable oils. It maintains an excellent plasticity and good creaming performance which ensures optimum product quality and higher consumer acceptance.

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Are you looking for the best vegetable shortening in the Philippines for your bread and other baked goodies? What is Powermix Premium Bakery Shortening (20kg)?

We all know that shortening is the key ingredient in making tasty bread and biscuits, but it’s also important to choose a shortening with great taste and performance.

Most bakeries settle for cheap vegetable oil blends or hydrogenated oils because they are cheaper than real pure shortening. But you shouldn’t compromise on quality when it comes to your baked goods.

Powermix Premium Bakery Shortening is made from 100% pure vegetable oil without any trans fats or cholesterol. It has excellent plasticity and creaming properties which ensures optimum product quality and higher consumer acceptance. With its premium ingredients, this shortening will make your bakery products more delicious than ever!

Powermix is the ideal shortening in Baking. Applicable for use in Bread, Biscuits, and other baked goods.

Key Features of Powermix Premium Bakery Shortening

  • Made from 100% Pure Vegetable Oils
  • Non-hydrogenated
  • Zero-Transfat
  • No moisture added

Where to buy vegetable shortening Philippines?

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