CrispFry Frying Fat 10kg

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  • Did you know that the secret to achieving dry and crispy French fries is by using CrispFry? To see is to believe, try it in your kitchen!
  • CRISPFRY is the ideal frying oil for donuts, pastries, French fries, and chicken. It improves crispiness and lessens the oil that is absorbed.

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CrispFry Frying Fat 10kg is a premium refined palm-olein frying fat specially processed, bleached, and deodorized for a smoother and firmer texture. It is a deep frying fat oil.

And unlike ordinary liquid oil, fried products from this non-lauric vegetable fat are not oily in appearance and taste, and it provides longer frying mileage. Permitted antioxidant has been added to extend shelf life in storage and in use.

Crispfry is the best deep frying fat oil to produce crispy and dry fried products like french fries, donuts, fried chicken, and many more.


Because frying doesn’t have to be oily.



Proper Use:

To achieve the perfect output for your products, you may follow the frying guidelines indicated:

  • Load the correct amount of frying fat.
  • Melt frying fat gradually at low heat not exceeding 130°C to turn the lard into an oil.
  • High heat during the melting process will burn the fat-causing breakdown and flavor deterioration.
  • Ensure the correct deep fat frying temperature.
  • Deep fat frying temperature ranges from 165 °C to 190 °C
  • Frying above the recommended temperature will not accelerate the cooking process. Food will be darker in color. Oil will break down rapidly.
  • Frying below the required temperature. Food will take longer to cook. Food will absorb more oil.
  • Apply the rule of thumb (1:6) 1 part food to 6 parts frying lard.
  • Sudden temperature fall may result in greasy/oily fried food.
  • Make sure to drain fried foods properly


Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. Dispose of CrispFry Frying Fat 10kg when it turns rancid in taste and odor. Recommended temperature: 25 – 32°C

Shelf Life:

One (1) year from production when stored in a clean and dry area away from direct sunlight.

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