Turning his dream into a reality, Mr. Rodel G. Lacorte strived hard to reach the success of Taza Mia Coffee today. Year 2009 to 2010 when Mr. Lacorte, also called as Sir RGL by his peers and employees, first conceptualized his dream coffee business. April 2011, the pilot branch of Taza Mia Coffee was opened in San Pablo City in Laguna. It became an instant hit with the locals and the tourists. With its continuous growth and success, by the year 2013, Mr. Lacorte had created Taza Mia Corporation to primarily manage its franchise operations. Up until now, Taza Mia Coffee is undertaking a rapid expansion across the Philippines.

Big competitors in the Coffee Industry did not stop Mr. Lacorte in achieving his dreams for Taza Mia Coffee. He made sure to be extra competitive and innovative from their store design to their menu. Mr. Lacorte wasn’t the type to back down from his competition. Instead, he made the situation his challenge to strive harder. To date, Taza Mia Coffee has thirty-eight (38) branches nationwide and he is set to open more branches this year.

Mr. Lacorte envisions Taza Mia Coffee to be the number one (1) locally developed coffee house and the most preferred alternative to the big brands in the coffee industry. Today, Taza Mia has been living up to its vision. Achieving their goals through determination and hard work, Mr. Lacorte did not close the door for new innovations. They opened their doors for partners that will help them achieve their goal. Partners that are reliable, efficient and committed, which they have seen in HICAPS Marketing Corporation.

Mr. Lacorte believed in Taza Mia’s potential to grow and its potential to be known in the coffee industry in spite of big competitions. He accepted the challenge that it will not be easy for him and Taza Mia to go against the big boys of the coffee industry but Mr. Lacorte did not make this as an excuse to back down. He stood on his ground and did everything to promote Taza Mia Coffee.

Taza Mia is proof that it doesn’t matter how big or small your competitors are. What matters most is the confidence and determination to go head on with the competition and create ways to stand-out and overcome any hurdle along the way.