Determined to pursue her passion, Ms. Rosalina Go faced the biggest challenge of her life, having only a hundred and fifty pesos on her pocket, she found herself worrying if she will make it or not. Motivated to chase her dreams, Ms. Rose did not hesitate to leave Cebu City and move to Davao City to start achieving her goals. At that time, her pocket money was not even enough to purchase a boat ticket to Mindanao, but Ms. Rose still chose to keep going and do what she has to do.

In that big leap, Rose Bakeshop came to being, established in year 1983 in San Francisco, Agusan Del Sur. At that time, the ingredients Ms. Rose had to bake breads for their first shop were just loaned to them. Rose Bakeshop started very small and modest. Success did not happen overnight but with pure hardwork and determination it got bigger and better after just a few years.

Fearless is what describes Ms. Rose as she took a lot of risks just to attain her dream. She ventured in different lines of business and made quite a fortune out of it. But her heart still goes back to what she was really into which was baking and catering tasty breads. Obstacles have gone into Ms. Rose’s career path, but that did not hinder her to go on. She never doubted herself and her skills even once. She believed that one day all her hard work is going to be worth it, and it was.

As competition rise in the bakeshop industry, Ms. Rose did not allow herself to feel intimidated. Instead, she made sure to expand Rose Bakeshop and sprout like mushroom in different areas of Mindanao. Her children joined forces as board of directors in Rose Bakeshop, as they plan to expand their family treasure not just in Mindanao but also in Visayas and Luzon. With her very optimistic attitude, Ms. Rose envisions Rose Bakeshop, not just to expand in Mindanao and neighboring cities, but for it to be known globally as well.

With the very determined and focused attitude of Ms. Rose, she expects her partners to have the same values and be as competitive. Partners that are also persistent and persevering in helping each other grow to become successful. In a few years of partnership, HICAPS and Rose Bakeshop have built an amazingly good relationship. Along the way, like in any partnership, there are challenges they have to face but they still managed to be on each other’s side.

The Go Family had three things in mind on how they’d achieve their goals. First, is their belief in God, they have always put God first in order for them to think peacefully and to make the best decisions that will help Rose Bakeshop achieve its growth. Second is trusting their own Guts. From the start, Ms. Rose had always trusted her gut feeling that one day will come that she will be successful and she was never wrong. This was the attitude her children have inherited from her. Their guts have become the ‘moving will’ to rise from their toughest times. Last, but definitely not the least, is their Good Values, Ms. Go stated “We inculcated values in the family members so the employees would look up to us as living testaments. We practice what we teach.” With all this, Rose Bakeshop has been successful up until today, with nineteen (19) branches all of which are company owned in the Caraga and Davao regions.

A motto from Ms. Rosalina Go that will motivate aspiring entrepreneurs, “In any business, what matters most is what your heart is telling you to do. Even if it seems difficult to perceive, if a businessman has the attitude of making his business aligned to his passion, then it would turn out to be fun. When he is passionate about this, then excellence can be achieved.”