“If you really want to do something, you’ll have to find a way. So dream big then work hard for it and eventually you will succeed. You need to look at life with a perspective that you can achieve anything that’s possible” – Juliet and Vincent Rodillas.

It was a husband and wife team – a match made in heaven. Vincent and Juliet Rodillas endured a long journey before finally creating their unique specialty. The delightful Rodillas Yema Cake of Monica and Jett Bakeshop has become the pride of Tayabas, Quezon because of the mouth-watering frosting and the soft texture of the cake. It was deliciously melting in every bite which was really satisfying. Everyone who experiences a bite of this delicious cake will surely get a lasting impression that will make oneself craving for more.

Towards 2010 when buyers took notice of Rodillas Yema Cake. Vincent and Juliet began selling the improved Yema cakes with the help of their relatives and word about a very delicious cake spread like wildfire. With the help of social media, their products became popular not only in Tayabas but also with the neighboring town and provinces. In year 2014, through the continuous growth of the business the couple were able to put up a factory located in Tayabas, then hired workers to help them with the production. Later on, different flavors were created such as Ube Cake, Caramel Cake, Chocolate Cake, Brownies, Cheesecake, Fruit Cake, Banana Cake, Upside Down, Custard Cake, Yema de Fruta, Cheese Cupcake and Rodillas Crinkles.

Monica and Jett Bakeshop continued to expand in different provinces and cities in South Luzon. Most of their resellers have enjoyed brisk sales, especially during holidays. They have also capitalized the use of online advertisement which really helped the business grow. A lot has attempted to copy and to ride on the success of Rodillas Yema Cake, but Monica and Jett Bakeshop remain the first and the original maker of this specialty.

The couple expects from their suppliers to have a deep knowledge of the market they are serving and to fully understand the challenges their customers are facing. They want their partners to be a part of their process. HICAPS has been willing to understand the business of the Rodillas’ to the extent they have become involved with the business development through the years. With their partnership, HICAPS has helped Rodillas’ Yema Cake (Monica and Jett Bakeshop) achieve their business goals through being reliable in delivering good quality products when they want it and how they want it…serbisyong HICAPS!

Learning from their experiences, Vincent and Juliet Rodillas shares about determination and perseverance being two important attributes an aspiring entrepreneur should have. One should have the ability to keep pushing even when there are a few bumps along the way. How you handle the people who work for you also matters. Although every person will have his/her own style, not being too bossy or strict, but at the same time knows when to be serious and when to lighten up, will contribute to a more productive environment in your workplace.