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When we talk about shortening, it is all about fats that are edible and solid at room temperature.  Because its main function is to shorten the gluten strands(protein) in flour, the name shortening is just appropriate.  By “shortening” the gluten strands, our baked goods come out tender and soft, with an extended shelf life and extra creaminess and richness to otherwise typical breads we have.  And yes, shortening may also be used for frying.


Unlike butter which came from cow’s milk butterfat, Margarine is made from refined vegetable oil and water and may also contain milk.  Margarine with its versatility has been a ready alternative to butter or shortening used for baking, cooking or as a spread.  Depending on its fat content, margarine may be used for baking and cooking (usually 80% fat content) or as a spread (usually 30% fat content).  Make sure to read the labels for its proper application.


Butter is a natural dairy product coming from usually cow’s milk.  Butter impart its very own unique flavor.  It contributes to the over-all flavor, mouthfeel, texture and shelf life of end products when used in baking and cooking.  Butter has zero transfat but has cholesterol and allergen levels that you need to watch out for.


Hicaps and its partner have developed specialty ingredients for the baking and restaurant industry.  Our own brands namely Magic Whizk, ChiffonAide, CrispFry, Hi-Cream are just some of the well-accepted and loved within the industry.  We may also develop a a specialized ingredient just for you.  Talk about customization. Tell us about it and our technical team will be happy to listen.


When it comes to frying oils, Hicaps has a wide variety to offer.  Branded as Hicaps Pure, we provide different vegetable oil types such as coconut, soya, palm, corn or olive.  Each type has its own unique applications but one thing is common to all and made certain, the purest oils from Hicaps go to your dining table.


Both cocoa and chocolates came from cacao beans.  The beans are harvested, dried, fermented, crushed and processed into cocoa butter, chocolate liquor and cocoa solids (this becomes cocoa powder).  The liquor component is transformed to chocolates and depending on the percentage becomes dark/bittersweet/semi-sweet/sweet/white or milk chocolates.


Milk in any form is an important ingredient in cooking and baking when you want to have that extra creaminess.  Depending on what the recipe calls for, you may use dry or liquid milk.  However, in baking, the most common is dehydrated skim milk powder or non-fat dry milk (NFDM).  From NFDM to condensed to evaporated to UHT type of milk, Hicaps has everything you need.


We strive to provide our customers with products and solutions for a one-stop shop experience.  We got most of your baking and cooking needs.  Our various products such as Yeast, Pre-mixes, Cake Emulsifier, Bread Improver and Equipment provide our customers with choices for a better baking and cooking experience.