Up north Ilocos Norte, less than an hour drive from Laoag City lies Pasuquin known for its fine and sandy beaches.

But what others not familiar with, is that, this place is also home of the famous maker of delicious Biscocho, Pride of the North. This legacy was led by no other than Pasuquin Bakery which was founded by their grandfather Lolo Sixto who is according to their apo served as a baker to the Americans way back in history. He put up the bakery out of his savings and is now being managed by his only child, Manang Esperanza Alvarez.

The bakery was named after the province of Pasuquin and remained the only and original branch in the area. Their goal was to make their products synonymous to the province, and to make it a part of your itinerary when you visit the province. True enough, their initial offer to the market is their one of a kind biscocho which later became one of the North’s pride.

What makes this bakery unique is that they offer biscocho that is way different from the usual sugary type from Iloilo. It was said that this recipe was somewhat similar to their Spanish style bread flavored with star anise, served either soft bread or toasted.

Being in the industry since 1940’s, the original recipe was kept secret and they still use the traditional way of cooking using wood oven. They believe that their secret to success other than hard work and perseverance are quality products made possible with the help of quality ingredients, thus, their 15 years relationship with HICAPS, their number one provider of high-quality oil, margarine and shortening.

Their vision was simple—it is to remain the number one choice of the locals and even tourists of the province and to continue serving them good quality products that will remain in their history. They offer these achievements to the original owner and founder of this bakery.

As tips for other aspiring entrepreneurs? – Maintain good relationship with suppliers. Treat them as family and always make sure that they maintain their good services. In all our endeavors, praying for guidance and putting on a lot of hard work really pays off.