“A good relationship with your people can go a long way. Be a good example to your employees rather than be seen as just the boss of the company. A good treatment towards the employees of the company can be one of your key to success” – Evelyn Aquino

It was year 1988 when Evelyn Aquino created Marky’s Prime Bake with the help of her family members. Like other aspiring entrepreneurs, they have tried everything to start up a business and reach their goals. Because of lack of experience and knowledge, being in the food business was not their first option. However, they have seen that the business had the potential to grow so they pursued it, hired a small production, allocated focus, time and hard work while adjusting through trial and errors. Marky’s Prime has attained a level of success that they are contented with, a success they’ve never expected according to Evelyn.

Evelyn has been handling Marky’s Prime Bake for almost 30 years and she is able to satisfy the needs of her customers as well as her employees, through her outstanding treatment. A very hands-on owner, Evelyn makes sure that the business is going well, from the quality of the products to the welfare of her employees. She is very contented with what the business has achieved and never wished for something more. Evelyn is very humble of what Marky’s Prime Bake has accomplished, her feet still stays on the ground and she doesn’t let success get to her head, one of the reasons Marky’s Prime Bake is loved by the people working for them. This translates to a well-loved line of native biscuits or “Pasalubong” patronized by many people not only locally but also internationally.

How do you come up with a delicious line of native biscuits? It starts with raw materials that will fit the standards of Marky’s Prime Bake products. After a careful selection process, HICAPS products provided that good quality output for our favorite line of “Pasalubong”. Throughout the years that Marky’s Prime Bake and HICAPS have been partners, Markys’ have not failed to meet the expectations of their customers. Consistent in product quality coupled with warm and personalized approach by their personnel are some of the good attributes you will hear from Marky’s when describing the partnership.

The traditional saying “Sipag at Tiyaga” is very much useful when starting up a business and sustaining it. It is fulfilling to achieve your goals going through trial and errors knowing you have exerted your best effort and most appropriate decision during that time. A business venture will have successes and failures, but the important thing is you believe in it. How quickly you manage change and adapt to it will create positive and lasting results. Being a successful entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to be too controlling to your employees.In business, if you’re that type of a leader then you’re just pushing your people away from you. Try to build a good relationship with your employees, be thankful that they are there to help you achieve your goals, as you are there to help them achieve their dreams.