Jelexie Bakeshop was established in Tarlac City in 1984 as a home-based bakeshop by its founder, Mr. Armando Tan who had just migrated from China to the Philippines.

With its first branch in M.H. Del Pilar Street, Jelexie was mainly engaged in the distribution of its breads in different canteens and supermarkets.

After Mr. Tan passed away in 1990, his eldest son, Mr. Jimmy Tan, took over the company. This is where Jelexie began to expand, as two more branches opened within the Tarlac province that same year. Wanting to live out its founder’s mission to become strategically competitive and innovative, Jelexie opened another branch in 2000 and have been opening other branches almost every year since then. Today, it stands proud of its 40 branches all over Tarlac, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, and Pangasinan. The company slogan, “Ang Sarap Kasama Sa Bawat Okasyon” (“Great To Have In Every Occasion”), upholds Jelexie’s mission to become a highly customer-driven and family-oriented corporation. It continues to produce freshly baked breads and cakes which give customers the best value for their money.


What Jelexie is truly appreciative of is the people behind the production of every bread and pastry that reaches its stores. Today, there are around 400 employees who strive to maintain Jelexie’s standards. The company’s catchphrase, “A Passion for Excellence,” continues to inspire every individual who works for every customer-oriented goal. In return, Jelexie takes pride in its scholarship program within the company to ensure that even the children of its workers are not forgotten when fulfilling its social obligations.

Aside from producing breads that continue to satisfy the taste of the masses, Jelexie has been active when it comes to social awareness by taking part in several typhoon relief operations over the years, and by tying-up with the different sectors of the community to conduct feeding and bloodletting programs around the Tarlac province. Jelexie is proud of where it is now, carrying on to serve as it always has. Its commitment continues in achieving its vision to become a national brand that will endear it to households around the country. Standing by its corporate values, the company remains strong and energetic in fulfilling its founder’s legacy of a never-ending quest for excellence.


The year was 1998, when the founder of HICAPS, Mr. Lino Manalo, introduced the premium product line of HICAPS to Jelexie. For more than 18 years now, the business partnership between the two companies continues to grow and strengthen through product development by Jelexie’s Research and Development and HICAPS’ exceptional service.

As Jelexie continues to aim and expand its dominance in North Luzon, Hicaps is committed to extend its service in line with Jelexie’s growth direction.


The business partnership between HICAPS and Jelexie was anchored on TRUST and CONFIDENCE. Jelexie recognizes that HICAPS will carry on the proven superior service throughout the years, likewise, HICAPS has always believed that Jelexie will continue not only to live to its promise to provide quality bakery goods, but also its commitment to employees and its devotion to fulfilling its social responsibility!