Known to be the persons behind the Pampanga’s famous grill and seafood restaurant, former Sto. Tomas Pampanga Mayor Joselito Naguit and business woman Mrs. Librada Manlapaz journey is another rags-to-riches story, from a small grill and seafood restaurant in a small town to becoming the biggest and most famous grill and seafood restaurant in Central Luzon.

Driven by her love and passion for cooking and in line with her catering business, Mrs.Librada Manlapaz decided to venture into the restaurant business with a basic goal of providing a daily source of income for her relatives and neighbors in the area. Though she already employed most of them in her catering business, she understood that income in the catering business was not regular for her people and of course for her so she decided to use a portion of her land and turn it into a small restaurant and called it “FUNNSIDE”. After a year of operations in her hometown, she decided to open another branch in an area with a wider market reach.

Former Mayor Joselito Naguit and brother Architect Jhong Naguit on the other hand are natives of Sto. Tomas. They are food lovers and frequent customers of Mrs. Manlapaz in her catering and restaurant business. They recognized the potential of Sto. Tomas to be not just the Pottery and Casket-making Center of the Province but to be a place of good food as well. The Naguit brothers believed in the Capampangan, particularly the Tomasians’ craftsmanship and culinary expertise. They envisioned a venue where they could combine and showcase both that could create opportunities for them and their constituents.

They met at one occasion and with one common goal, they formed the partnership that conceptualized and lead to the opening of Funnside Ningnangan San Matias on September 09, 2011. Its name was coined from Funnside, the name of Mrs. Manlapaz’ restaurant, and Ningnangan, a Capampangan word that Architect Naguit added which means “IHAWAN or GRILL”. With the local’s craftsmanship, Architect Naguit turned the simple bahay kubo into a very elegant design and concept. Combining the traditional with contemporary architecture, his design maintained its simplicity but promoted modernism which gave the ambiance a stylish and classy appeal. And with the former mayor Lito’s leadership, the rest is as they say, is history.

Funnside Ningnangan today, as of this year 2018, has a total of 12 branches scattered in Pampanga, Bulacan, and Nueva Ecija. With the success of its branches, it has opened its doors to others possessing the same passion and belief through Franchising. With this, the possibility of having a branch on every province is within a step closer to reality.

Funnside Ningnangan’s menu line-up offers a vast variety of dishes which features INIHAW and native Capampangan dishes. Combined with excellent service, elegant ambiance, affordable and reasonable prices, customers have trooped the branches. From celebrities, sports personalities to ordinary citizens, all have enjoyed the unique dining experience that every branch brings. This is what they call a place that is PANGMASA. This is the company’s unique selling proposition to the market, an elegant dining experience without the high cost.

With its continuous growth and expansion, the owners and the management do not want their employees to be left behind. Instead, the owners, management, and employees will continue to move forward for everyone’s improvement. The company strives to provide quality training to its employees and equipped them with knowledge and skills that would contribute into providing an exceptional business management capability, personal development and career advancement, while maintaining a work-balanced life and a happy work environment.

Through the years and with the company’s continues growth, it has developed very good business relations with different suppliers that have provided quality services and support along with reasonably priced raw materials and ingredients. Qualities that HICAPS Marketing Corporation consistently displayed throughout the years of doing business with them. They are among the top providers of the finest quality ingredients with high caliber services.

Both Funnside Ningnangan and HICAPS Marketing Corporation share a common goal. That is, they both believe in working together so as to improve and move forward together to reach success and contribute to the improvement of the country’s food industry.