“An entrepreneur should know their vision and mission not only by mind but also by heart”

It was year 2005 when John Tan and Glena Ponce established Eng Seng Food Products in Davao City. Five years later, they established a branch in Manila to serve their growing customers. Eng Seng Food Products is mainly engaged in the production of “Pasalubong Delicacies” such as polvoron, nuts, banana chips, chicharon, pastillas and their best seller “Tower Yema”, which is known in many parts of the Philippines and around the world. Because of the uniqueness in structure and taste of their Tower Yema, the product has stood out from the other yema manufacturers in the country.

Eng Seng Food Products also has different store outlets in Manila called “MAVAO Pasalubong Store” which was coined from the words – Manila and Davao. One of their missions is to cater to “Balik-Bayans” who are craving for delicious and healthy pasalubong delicacies. Eng Seng looks forward to serving their customers with high quality service and with their unique and delicious products.

Focus on their vision and determination made them who they are now. They’ve made sure that their actions are aligned with their plans in order for them to be successful. John and Glena, with the help of their employees and suppliers, continuously improved their products to satisfy their customers, to keep up with technology development and to adjust to an ever-changing market.

For Eng Seng to be aligned with their vision and mission, they need a supplier that has an ingredient that can create high quality products. HICAPS has helped Eng Seng improve their Tower Yema. True to their vision of continuously finding ways to improve their products, Eng Seng felt the importance given by HICAPS to them as a partner through their constant visits and availability whenever and wherever they need to discuss continuous improvement. Over the years, this partnership collaboration resulted to an unmatched quality of Eng Seng’s “Tower Yema” that has been recognized by many people and has satisfied the cravings of many Balik-Bayans.

Create a clear vision for your business that will guide and motivate you to work hard every single day. This is the key to Eng Seng’s success. Early on, the company has created a vision that was embraced and adapted by the team behind Eng Seng. For aspiring entrepreneurs, they leave this useful advice – it is important for you to know and to memorize not only by mind but also by heart the vision of your business to be able to see what direction would you want your business to go. A lot of times you go back to your vision to to be reminded of what are your goals and to cross-check if your decisions and actions are consistent to where you want to be.