“Minor or major problem you have to face it, continue with what you are building and eventually through the process you will discover your potential, because once you quit a challenge that you didn’t even put your best effort on, you are considered a loser”. – Anna Lutche Pepito

“Never say die” — This is the motto that drives Ana Pepito and her husband Max Pepito who started Crumbs Cake Art. Ana, with a passion for arts and love for baking, started as a home baker making cookies, chocolate lollipops and crinkles for students. With the help of her husband, who took over the marketing and selling part of their mini source of income, they became suppliers of affordable yet delicious pastries to different schools focusing in Las Piñas area.

With the intent to earn more while learning, Ana became a part of Le Notre Paris in the Middle East and worked in their pastry department for about two years, aside from working for five years in a cruise ship.

Unavoidable circumstances led her back to the Philippines in 2010. Taking advantage of the situation, they started their first branch of Crumb Cake Art. Since then, they have been known for quality cakes and pastries.

Customized to satisfaction—this is the Vision of their café. Crumbs Cake Art believes that to create good quality products, you need good quality ingredients. Through the years of experience and learnings, they have always produced customized cakes and pastries without compromising the quality and the cost of their products. This is why Crumbs Cake Art have been working side by side with Hicaps Marketing Corporation for the past few years. Crumbs Cake Art have always had HICAPS products with them, proven with its stability, consistency and quality, they grew to be more confident with their product; because of all these, they also drive loyalty from their customers. As a growing company, there would always be short comings but because Crumbs Cake Art have always been a great employer and partner, the owners never had to face the hurdles alone. HICAPS has been behind them with every struggle, recognizing a business partner who embodies the core values of a good marketing company in being customer focus and passionate for continuous improvement.

When putting up a business, it’s not always a smooth start. There will always be obstacles along the way that will push you to your limit. But these obstacles will shape you to become a better entrepreneur. Do not let the challenges hinder you from reaching the goals of your business. Once you learn how to deal with the obstacles you will have a 100% chance of being a successful entrepreneur.