“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” – Chef Jojo Javier


Chef Jojo Javier is a well known chef, a business woman and a columnist at Cook Magazine – Connecting Foodies. She started out baking in 2005 as a hobby; learning simple and basic recipes. While slowly working her way up, taking orders from clients, she uses revolving funds to continue her business and began saving for her dream kitchen as well as taking culinary classes to expand her knowledge. After 5 years, she decided to take baking to the next level by establishing her very own business which she named Sweetilicious Homemade Goodies. As a cake decorator, her unique designs come from being creative and innovative; offering a lot of baked goodies such as customized cakes, cookies, bars, dessert buffet, pastries of any kind, giveaways for weddings and debuts. Basically, anything the clients want when it comes to pastries and whatever designs they have in mind, she gets it done.

Life in the kitchen is not as easy or pretty as it looks. Often times, while everybody is fast asleep and taking their rest in the middle of the night, she had to stay up to finish orders from clients. Passion is what keeps her going and hard work is the key to being successful in her endeavour. With her skills, network in the food industry and a quirky demeanor, she was able to take orders from celebrities from a leading television station. She was living her dream and these things would not be possible if not for her passion and dedication for baking.

Throughout her years of baking and teaching, quality was always first on her list of standards and requirements, which she found in HICAPS, a very reliable and supportive partner as she would describe them. Their partnership started when HICAPS needed a Chef to demonstrate their products in a Bakery Expo, since then their partnership started to flourish. Ever since she first tried Magic Whizk it has been a part of her kitchen ingredient because it has never failed her. Her cakes always stand out in terms of stability even during humid day. Because of her high standards that the products of Hicaps are able to meet and exceed, Chef Jojo always gets her orders done on time while also being confident with the taste and quality of her finished products.

“Slowly but surely” is how Sweetielicious Homemade Goodies came about. Starting up a business takes a lot of patience. It is very rare for a new business to get the success they are looking for in a short time. Oftentimes it takes years, and this is where one’s persistence matters because you cannot get a long term success in a blink of an eye. As evident from Chef Jojo, she started from scratch before she got to her position right now and it’s all because of her hard work and determination to reach her goals. Her two cents in business – if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you have to be disciplined in controlling your expenses and be able to handle every cent of your income,with this you will be able to manage your business well.