“A person can have all the skills in the world, you can study anywhere, take up masters degree but if you do not love what you are doing and you’re not passionate about it then all your hard work are for nothing” – Dr. Bebeth Banayo.

She was the accidental baker as she described it. Bebeth Banayo is a graduate of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at University of the Philippines – Los Baños. How did she know that her passion is baking? It all started with her parents who she quoted as the “culprit”. Her mother was the one who knew how to bake and her father on the other hand liked to take home pastries and breads. It was early 2014 when she got interested in baking. She noticed that everytime her father brought home cookies and breads it was too sweet. Then she had the idea, what if she started baking for her parents? And so she did and the rest is history. Her products got good feedbacks from her family. Encouraged by these, she realized that she enjoyed baking and at the same time relieved her stress. Her first customer were her relatives, soon after she got recommended and noticed by other people and orders started pouring in for Bebeth. Towards the end of 2014, she launched her own business which she named “Arabella Sweets”, offering customized cakes and pastries fit for any occasions.

Everything she knows about baking now is self-taught, she had no formal education in baking. It was a rigorous hours of trial and error for her, but that did not hold her back to pursuing her newly discovered passion which she plans to strengthen by taking up courses in baking/culinary soon.

As she has mentioned, by education she is a veterinarian, she pursued her profession but only for a short span of time because she felt that there was something missing. It took a while for her to realize that her passion is baking. For her, there is purpose and direction in what she is doing now. The satisfaction comes from making her customers happy with her creations and being one with them in their milestones and celebrations thru her beautiful cakes.

A whipping cream that’s ever reliable and dependable were the attributes that Bebeth saw in Magic Whizk when she first tried it. When she was starting she tried other instant whipping creams but she always went back to Magic Whizk. “Foolproof” as Bebeth described it. It makes creating beautiful cakes so easy and less effort but at the same time gives you flexibility to work on wonderful designs. As a baker she is very careful in choosing her ingredients. In Hicaps, you get to have the ingredients you need in a more affordable price but does not sacrifice the quality of your products.

An inspiring takeaway from Bebeth, for aspiring entrepreneurs, go find something that you enjoy doing and really passionate about. Choose a business that you love so much that you don’t have to work a day in your life. However, in starting up a business it’s not always fun, many times you will fail, you can get frustrated at times but never give up, if you really want it and you find joy in it then pursue it. Quitting is not an option for a person who is passionate in what he/she is doing. Start and then follow through until you reach your end goal as an entrepreneur.