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Butterscotch Bars with Coconut

What happens when you mix dark brown sugar with butter? You make one of the best desserts ever― butterscotch. But what if you want to make this even better? Make a Butterscotch bars with coconut. Butterscotch can be difficult to make, especially for first-timers. Even seasoned bakers have difficulty making this dessert because of its complicated structure. For one the…

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Brownies and Butterscotch Bar Recipes

There are two sweet bites loved the most by dessert lovers― butterscotch bars and brownies. But what if you don’t know how to make the perfect butterscotch and brownies? This is where this butterscotch and brownies recipe comes to the rescue.   This butterscotch and brownies recipe is the easiest recipe. Using the Instabake Butterscotch Mix and Brownies Mix, this recipe…


Brookies Recipe

As its name implies, brookies are a combination of brownies and cookies. This chewy, fudgy, and decadent dessert has been around for quite some time now. However, it gained the most traction during the pandemic, when people were stuck in their homes. In addition, brookies are a Christmas favorite. Since Christmas is practically just a few months away, you should…

Chocolate Chip Cookies
choco chip cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Are you craving a gooey and chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe? Crave no more. This delicious choco chip cookies recipe will save you. Remember that feeling when you bit into decadent chocolate chip cookies for the first time? How about when you paired it with milk? Felt amazing, right? Well, let’s try to recreate that. Let this chocolate chip cookies…


Magic Whizk Frosting and Fondant Recipes

The frosting is one of the most important components of any cake-based dessert. From cupcakes to tiered cakes, frosting must always be there. It’s not just about its presence though. Frosting and its Fondant must be delicious as well. Enter these Magic Whizk frosting recipes. Magic Whizk is a well-known whipping cream brand. It is famous for its creamy taste…


Recipe For Hot Chocolate: Homemade

Homemade hot chocolate is such a dreamy treat especially during the wet season in the Philippines. Follow this easy recipe for homemade hot choco drink to satisfy your cravings. Using simple everyday items, this homemade chocolate recipe will surely tickle your taste buds. Imagine sipping hot chocolate on a cold morning. Looks like a great picture, right? If you want…

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Recipe For Baked Macaroni

Let’s face it― baked macaroni is the ultimate baked pasta dish for Filipinos. If you don’t agree, think about this. Macaroni, cheese, bacon, and ground pork―who wouldn't love those? Enjoy this recipe for baked macaroni. The baked macaroni or baked mac, as many Filipinos call it, is the epitome of pasta dishes. It's a mouth-watering dish made of elbow-shaped macaroni pasta. …

Magic Whizk Frosting Variants
Magic Whizk Frosting Variants

Matcha, Cream Cheese, and Chocolate Frosting Recipe

The frosting must be as delicious as the cake. Without the right frosting, your cake will taste bland. It will also look dull, which is not great. This recipe includes matcha, cream cheese, and chocolate frosting― three of the most common frostings. Without a doubt, frosting is a crucial component of many desserts. For one, frosting sets the first impression.…


Recipe For Ham and Cheese Bread Roll

Are you looking for bread that's easy to make? Do you want an affordable yet delicious product for your store? Follow this recipe for ham and cheese bread roll. Ham and cheese have always been a perfect combo. This great duo is often associated with bread. They are famous pizza toppings (shout out to the Hawaiian pizza lovers out there)…

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Dips and Spreads – Christmas Gift Idea

Dips and spreads are an underrated Christmas gift ideas. Learn how to make your own dips and spread for the Filipino Christmas holidays or any occasion without breaking the bank. Aside from their delicious taste, dips and spreads are also a convenient way to add flavor to your food. Fillets and chips go well with dips. Spreads add flavor to…