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sinulog festival
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Sinulog Festival: It’s More Fun in Cebu

Sinulog refers to a famous cultural and religious festival held annually on the third Sunday of January in Cebu City, Philippines.  It serves as a tribute to the Santo Niño, or Holy Child, the patron saint of the city. The festival features a grand parade with participants dressed in colorful costumes, dancing to the beat of drums and native gongs. …


A Community Livelihood Program by HICAPS: Bake and Earn

Want to learn how to start your own baking business? Look no further than Bake and Earn, a new community livelihood program from HICAPS Mktg. Corp. Through baking demonstrations, we will share knowledge and educate people about creating their home-based baking businesses. Anyone interested in learning more about entrepreneurship and baking can benefit from this program! So whether you're an…

giant lantern festival
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Giant Lantern Festival: Pampanga’s Wonder

You can’t think of Christmas in the Philippines without the parol (star lantern), so in light of the most beloved holidays in the Philippines, we’ll walk you through the beautiful Giant Lanter Festival in Pampanga. San Fernando City and its signature Parul Sampernandu (Christmas Lantern) always come hand in hand. Seriously, you just can’t separate the two. They’re like two…


Celebration of Christmas in the Philippines

For Filipinos, Christmas isn't just a one-day holiday on December 25th. It's a holiday season that starts as early as September and lasts through January. Filipino Christmas is the longest Christmas celebration in the world. And it's a season filled with food, family, tradition, songs, and fun. If you're curious about how you can celebrate Christmas in the Philippines, read…

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Pintaflores Festival

Source: Love Pilipinas The Pintaflores Festival is celebrated every November in the beautiful city of San Carlos, Negros Occidental. The grand event's name intrigues many travelers.  Derived from the Spanish words "Pinta" (tattoos) and "Flores" (flowers), this event combines emotions and nature, which makes for a beautiful topic. Pintaflores' narrative revolves around the hardship and success of a princess who…


Lanzones Festival: Camiguin’s Sweet Celebration

This October, Camiguin Island will finally have its annual Lanzones Festival after a two-year hiatus brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak. According to Camiguin Governor Xavier Jesus Romualdo, the government has planned several activities to boost the island province's tourism-dependent economy, beginning with the week-long Lanzones Festival in the final week of October. With an average of 800,000 visitors per…

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penafrancia festival
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Penafrancia Festival: Bicol’s Magical Event

Aside from the Mayon Volcano and huge whale sharks,  Bicol offers another wonder: the Penafrancia Festival. Let the event’s magic surround you as you read this post about Peñafrancia Festival in Bicol.  Without further ado, let's dive deep into the world of the famous event.  What Is Peñafrancia Festival? The Penafrancia festival in Bicol honors the miraculous Nuestra Senora de…

tuna festival general santos
Source: Filipino Homes

Tuna Festival: General Santos’ Pride

The Home of the Champion (aka Manny Pacquiao), General Santos City, is more than Tuna and the Philippine's record-braking boxer. Gensan is also home to the Tuna festival and eye-catching beaches and mountain peaks. So, if you feel abundant today, you better check this post out.  The Tuna Festival is an annual festival celebrated on the first week of September.…

what is ibalong festival
Source: Smithsonian Mag

Ibalong Festival: The Ultimate Guide

Legazpi, Albay is not just known for the famous cone-shaped volcano. If you’ve been looking for more wonderful reasons to visit the Queen City of South Luzon, we got one for you: the Ibalong Festival based on the Ibalong epic. So what exactly is this festival? Is worth traveling to? Why do people join the festivities in the first place? …


A Partnership that will Make Filipino Food Flavors Standout

Malaysian Manufacturer Green House Ingredient Sdn Bhd partners with HICAPS Mktg. Corp. in the Philippines to Expand their Business. Green House, a leading manufacturer of Emulco food flavors and colors for the BARESCA (Bakery Restaurant Cafe) and other food industries, has been exporting to different countries in Asia. They have partnered with HICAPS in the Philippines to expand their business reach further. HICAPS Mktg.…