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Most Popular Bread and Cake Flavors List in the Philippines 2021

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Cakes are one of those amazing desserts that people cook for several occasions. People expect to see cakes (or many cake flavors) at a birthday party, a family gathering, and a wedding. Basically, a cake is the centerpiece of most, if not all, occasions. So, what could be the trending cake flavors list in 2022? What are the most popular bread, cookies, and cake flavors in the Philippines?

Aside from cakes, bread and cookies get a lot of attention, too. People usually enjoy them during breakfast. But with their popularity increasing, it’s not far until they become those baked goods people eat at any time of the day.

Given the popularity of cake flavors, bread, and cookies, we conducted a survey from October 2021 to December 2021 to see the top bread, cookies, and cake flavors in 2021.

In this post, we’ll talk about the results of the survey and why people love the flavors that came out on top. The top 3 flavors can be the trend for cake flavors in 2022 too, especially Mango Flavor.

The big reveal. We did a survey including over a thousand votes to determine the top bread, cookies, and cake flavors list of 2021. Here are the results: 

Favorite Flavor 2021
HICAPS FB Survey Results from October – December 2021

1. Chocolate Flavor (245 Votes)

Chocolate cake flavor

Expectedly, chocolate came out on top.

As you may well know, chocolate is made from cocoa beans. It gets consumed like candy. Chocolate also gets used to make beverages. 

In addition, chocolates can be used to flavor or coat various confections and bakery products. It’s rich in carbohydrates, making it an excellent source of energy

Decadent, fudgy, and sweet, chocolate cake has got to be one of the most craved recipes in the world, like our popular Chocolate Dream Cake recipe. Its rich flavor oozes all through the pastry, even though it’s only made with cocoa powder. The crumb can also be incredibly tender.

Whether you eat it plain, sprinkle it with powdered sugar, or serve with it buttercream or ice cream, chocolate cake is truly perfect.

Particularly, chocolate cake is a favorite pick by a lot of people. The chocolate cake’s main ingredient is cocoa. Cocoa helps the brain release endorphins or the so-called “feel good” chemical. 

Whenever we eat chocolate cake, our moods lighten. At some point, we even feel a lot better. The darker, or the more bitter the chocolate used in the cake, the better your mood will be.

We all have our own different reasons for loving chocolate cake. These reasons may be trivial or special. However, one thing we can’t deny is that our love for chocolate cake transcends culture, language, and even time. 

Chocolate cake will surely stay and people around the world will continue to love it, even for more generations to come. No doubt, it will still top the cake flavor list for 2022

Chocolate Emulco

chocolate emulco 100g

Thankfully, the delicious taste and color of chocolate can be added to your chocolate recipe in one easy step. The Chocolate Emulco Color and Flavor perfectly blends to suit your chocolate recipe. The aroma of this product helps you make decadent and irresistible baked goods.

The lush brown color of this product enhances the appearance of your pastries or desserts. Its lingering aroma will make your customers come back for more.

Chocolate Emulco features a flair for natural taste. It also gives the most natural chocolate flavor there is.

On top of that, Chocolate Emulco easily mixes with your batter, maintains a rich color, and makes your bread, cookies, and cake smell amazing.

Speaking of chocolate, check out this delicious recipe involving Chocolate Emulco:

chocolate buttercream frosting recipe

2. Ube Flavor (171 Votes)

ube cake flavor
Source: Canva

The second most like bread, cookie, and cake flavor is ube.

Ube is a type of purple spud related to sweet potatoes. Though ube may be somewhat similar to sweet taters in shape and size, it has darker skin and deep purple flesh.

Nutritionally, ube is pretty similar to other types of sweet potatoes. Ube is described as a complex carbohydrate. Hence, it gives beneficial fiber. 

Although ube originally came from the Philippines, it recently became an international sensation. This is due to its unique color and sweet & starchy flavor.

Ube cake features a moist, light cottony texture. It has a sweet, and mellow taste. 

Interestingly, ube tastes like vanilla and pistachio blended together with a slight kick of creamy coconut flavor. 

For the majority of Filipinos, ube, especially when used as cake flavors and prepared as halaya, brings back fond memories. 

Ube-flavored desserts are usually made by hand. It is a labor of love, which requires constant stirring. This must be done to prevent the ube from sticking and burning.

Emulco Ube Cake Flavor

yam ube flavor and color emulco

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend days or months looking for ube. You also don’t have to constantly stir ube into your bread, cookie, or cake batter.

Thanks to Ube Emulco Color and Flavor, you can now easily incorporate that luscious ube flavor into your batter. 

Ube Emulco is blended to suit any recipe that requires ube taste and color. It can be used in baking cakes, cheese pandesal, and many more. 

In addition, Ube Emulco’s lush purple food coloring will enhance the look of your baked goodies.

Speaking of ube, check out these delicious recipes involving Ube Emulco:

recipe for french macarons

3. Mango Flavor (167 Votes)

mango cake flavor

The third spot belongs to a beloved Filipino fruit, mango.

Mangoes are sweet and creamy fruits. They are highly popular around the world as well. In the Philippines, mangoes became more popular recently because of the Mango Bravo Cake.

There are different varieties of mango. These varieties vary in color, shape, flavor, and size of the seed. However,  its inner flesh is mostly golden yellow in color.

Mango cake flavors taste sweet and moist. They may also have slightly crisp edges. In short, mango cake features a perfect balance of flavors that you will surely love.

In addition, mango contains a lot of essential vitamins and nutrients as well. Additionally, mango is loaded with fibrous content. This can help boost digestive function. It can also burn unwanted calories from the body.

Watch out for this crowd’s favorite trending flavor, with its growing popularity it can overtake the ube flavor in our cake flavors list in 2022.

Emulco Mango Cake Flavor

Mango Flavor and Color
Mango Flavor and Color

The most popular flavoring in our store, Mango Emulco Color and Flavor enhances the appearance, aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel of your baked products. It also retains the products’ moisture. 

This HICAPS cake ingredient also helps you attain the unique flavor, texture, and color of a real mango. Its lush yellow color enhances the look of your baked products. It also gives your products a fragrant, and lingering aroma.

With its mouth-watering taste, fragrant aroma, and rich color, combined, your customers will certainly come back for more. You can even use Mango Emulco to create the popular Mango Bravo Cake.

Speaking of mango, check out these delicious recipes involving Mango Emulco:

Mango Ice Cream homemade

4. Mocha Flavor (129 Votes)

mocha cake flavors
Source: Canva

Landing on the fourth spot is another beloved flavor, mocha.

Mocha is a flavoring that combines coffee and chocolate. The term mocha simply means a mixture of coffee and chocolate. 

When made properly, mocha cakes are moist and fluffy. Mocha bread and cookies, on the other hand, are decadent and rich. 

All of these desserts are packed with chocolate and coffee flavor, with their own quirky taste. 

A lot of people, especially coffee and chocolate lovers, find mocha extra delightful. 

Mocha tastes like chocolatey coffee. It’s true, but it’s much more than that. The flavors of the coffee and chocolate combined perfectly. It gives a deep, sweet, and luxurious taste, making mocha the best offspring of chocolate and coffee.

In addition, mocha’s mouthfeel features a velvety smooth texture that coats your mouth. Its texture is very similar to chocolate.

Emulco Mocha Cake Flavor

mocha emulco 100g

Creating the perfect fusion of coffee and chocolate is hard. This is where Mocha Emulco Color and Flavor comes in. The delicious taste and color of mocha can now be easily added to your recipe.

Mocha Emulco consists of a combined mouth-watering taste, fragrant aroma, and rich color. Your customers will surely come back for more of your products.

On top of that, Mocha Emulco gives your baked products natural colors and flavors.

5. Strawberry Flavor (113 Votes)

Strawberry cake flavors

The next spot goes to a common fruit up north, the strawberry.

Technically speaking, a strawberry contains a set of multiple fruits. These tiny fruits are embedded in a fleshy receptacle. Strawberry’s brownish or whitish specks are commonly considered seeds. 

Strawberries are relatively high in fiber. In fact, a half-cup of strawberries supplies more fiber compared to a slice of whole wheat bread. Additionally, strawberries can provide more than 70 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C.

When made into bread, cookies, or cake, strawberry features a full, sweet, and fresh flavor. Sometimes, moist strawberry cake layers are paired with cream cheese frosting. 

Plus, strawberry-loaded pastries have quickly emerged as a food trend. And we have no complaints about that.

Strawberry Emulco

strawberry emulco

Thanks to Strawberry Emulco Color and Flavor, you don’t have to go up north to get a fresh batch of strawberries for your bread, cookies, or cake anymore.

Strawberry Emulco is a liquid food essence added to food products to enhance the food’s appearance, aroma, flavor, and texture.

In addition, Strawberry Emulco’s lush pink color enhances the appearance of your baked goodies. It also gives your products a fragrant, and lingering aroma.

Speaking of strawberry, check out this delicious recipe involving Strawberry Emulco:

strawberry buttercream frosting

6. Vanilla Flavor (108 Votes)

vanilla cake flavor
Source: Canva

One of the most indispensable things in any kitchen would be vanilla flavoring. So, it clearly deserves a spot on our list of top bread, cookies, and cake flavors 2022.

As you may well know, vanilla features a remarkably aromatic, and delightfully sensuous smell. Specifically, the vanilla that you know today comes from the vanilla orchid’s long, greenish-yellow seedpods. 

Vanilla-flavored bread, cookies, and cake feature a soft texture, with a light crumb. In addition, vanilla desserts can be buttery, moist, and cakey.

In terms of flavor, vanilla often gets combined with a smidge of nutmeg and lemon extract. They accentuate vanilla. Doing this gives vanilla desserts a warm, and rich flavor.

There is no other flavor like vanilla in the world. Vanilla features rich, creamy, and warm characteristics. In short, everything about vanilla becomes indulgent. 

The aroma from vanilla that we know and love is called vanillin. Vanillin gives off a floral, sweet, and creamy scent we go nuts for. Vanilla is therefore one of those flavors that are pretty much loved or accepted universally.

Almost everything that features a sweet taste or smell contains vanilla. These can range from dairy or non-dairy kinds of milk, yogurts, ice creams, cakes, and custards. 

Vanilla Emulco

vanilla emulco flavor 100g

Taking the typical vanilla essence up a notch, Vanilla Emulco Color and Flavor perfectly blends into any recipe that needs vanilla. This food essence makes your baked products irresistible.

Vanilla Emulco’s lush off-white color enhances the look of your baked goodies. It also gives your products a fragrant, and lingering smell.

Additionally, Vanilla Emulco easily mixes with your batter, makes your products so fragrant, and gives your goodies the most natural vanilla flavor on the planet. 

Speaking of vanilla check out this delicious recipe involving Vanilla Emulco:

red velvet cake easy recipe

7. Pandan Flavor (67 Votes)

pandan cake flavor
Source: Canva

An aromatic plant known for its sweet floral fragrance, people know pandan for its versatility. Due to this, pandan got a spot on our list of top bread, cookies, and cake flavors list 2022.

Pandan has spiky leaves that grow in fan-shaped bunches. This plant thrives in tropical climates. Some varieties of pandan bear fruits somewhat look like red-orange pinecones.

Widely used in South and Southeast Asian cuisines, pandan has several health benefits and culinary properties. Western interest in pandan is also growing.

Pandan’s paste, extract, and powder tint the ingredients with a green hue. At the same time, it contributes to the flavor. As an inexpensive flavoring, with a price much lower than the vanilla bean, pandan gets used to flavor a lot of desserts,

For one, pandan cake features a soft and fluffy texture. It also has a delicate and airy texture. Pandan cookies and bread, on the other hand, feature a unique taste. 

The taste can be described as creamy coconut, banana-leafy, and a slightly nutty flavor. 

Pandan Emulco

pandan flavor emulco

To make baking with pandan easier, Pandan Emulco Color and Flavor got released. Thanks to this product, the decadent delicious taste of pandan, its color, and its fragrance can be easily added to your recipe.

Pandan Emulco can be used for cakes, bread, and many more. It makes your baked products irresistible and more flavorful. This essence is also great for business and home use.

Speaking of pandan, check out this delicious recipe involving Pandan Emulco:

pandan coconut cookies recipe


What’s the most popular cake flavor in the Philippines?

The most popular cake flavor in the Philippines is chocolate.

What are the most popular cake flavors in 2021?

The most popular cake flavor in 2021 is chocolate, ube, mango, and mocha.

What are the best cake flavors for 2022?

The best cake flavors for 2022 are chocolate, ube, mango, and mocha.

What are all the cake flavors?

All cake flavors are chocolate, ube, mango, mocha, strawberry, pandan, red velvet, carrot, lemon, coffee, orange, and more. 

What are the best cake flavors?

The best cakes flavors are chocolate, ube, mango, and mocha.

What are the 3 most popular cake flavors in the Philippines now?

The three most popular cake flavors are chocolate, ube, and mango.

What are some interesting cake flavors?

Interesting cake flavors include chocolate, ube, mango, mocha, strawberry, and pandan.

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Hopefully, the results of our top bread, cookies, and cake flavors list sparked your imagination and baking spirit. This survey was done in the last quarter of 2021 and the results can easily be a big trend for cake flavors in 2022. And we bet, it’s time to make your own version of Mango Bravo Cake.

Did you know that 13.1% of those surveyed came from Eastern Visayas, almost 4% up from Central Luzon Respondents? If you want to access the survey data, use the form below. Happy baking!

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