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List of 15 Best Pinoy Ulam You’ll Love

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Are you searching for some delicious and authentic Filipino recipes? You’re in luck! This list of 15 best Pinoy ulam will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more. 

What is Pinoy Ulam?

Pinoy ulam is a traditional Filipino dish of various types of meat, seafood, and vegetables. You can consider a dish as an “ulam” when served with rice.

Some of the most popular types of ulam include adobo, pinakbet, sinigang, and menudo. Each dish has unique flavor and ingredients, but they all share one common trait: delicious! If you’re ever in the Philippines, try the local cuisine—you won’t be disappointed.

What is the Best Pinoy Ulam on the List?

There are so many fantastic Pinoy ulams to choose from, and it’s hard to pick just one! Some of our favorites include adobo, sinigang, nilaga, and Kare-Kare. Of course, countless other delicious dishes can be considered ulams – the possibilities are endless! So what’s your favorite Pinoy ulam? Let us know in the comments below.

Pinoy Ulam List

  1. Adobo
  2. Chicken Inasal
  3. Kare-kare
  4. Lechon Baboy
  5. Sinigang na Baboy
  6. Pinakbet
  7. Pork Menudo
  8. Chopseuy
  9. Lechon Paksiw
  10. Tinolang Manok
  11. Nilagang Baka
  12. Dinuguan
  13. Pork Sisig
  14. Lechon Kawali
  15. Bulalo

Pinoy Ulam List

We all have our favorite Pinoy ulam. Whether it’s sinigang, adobo, or kare-kare, there’s nothing quite like a home-cooked meal. And there’s no better way to show your love for someone than by cooking their favorite dish. 

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Pinoy ulam ideas. From savory to sweet, there’s something for everyone on this list.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration for your next meal, look no further than our favorite Pinoy ulam. And if we’ve missed your favorite dish, let us know in the comments so we can add it to the list!


adobo pinoy ulam list

Adobo is a dish made of chicken, pork, or beef stewed in vinegar, soy sauce, and garlic. It’s popular comfort food in the Philippines. And definitely, you can serve this dish with rice or eaten on its own. 

Chicken Inasal

chicken inasal

Chicken Inasal is a grilled dish with a unique blend of herbs and spices. You can serve this with steamed rice and dipping sauce on the side. 


kare kare, pinoy ulam list

Kare-Kare is a peanut-based stew typically made with oxtail, beef, or chicken. You can serve it with bagoong (fermented shrimp paste) on the side as a condiment. 


lechon baboy pinoy dish

Lechon is a roasted pig commonly served at festivals and other special gatherings. You can consider it “the king of Filipino dishes” due to its popularity.

Sinigang na Baboy

Sinigang na Baboy
The ultimate pinoy comfort food is sinigang na baboy! It is filling and tasty on its own or when paired with steamed rice. It is made with pork ribs, veggies, and a broth flavored with tamarind. You’ll undoubtedly love this sinigang na baboy recipe for these very reasons.
Check out this recipe
sour pork soup

Sinigang na Baboy is a tamarind-based soup you can make with various portions of meat and vegetables. It’s a sour and savory dish perfect for rainy days or when you’re feeling under the weather. 


Pinakbet Recipe
Pinakbet is a hearty Filipino vegetable stew made of an assortment of vegetables and root crops in the Philippines, with pork as the meat of choice. This healthy dish is best served as the main entree, with steamed rice, or as a side to grilled meat or fish.
Check out this recipe

Pinakbet is a vegetable dish that typically includes bitter melon, eggplant, okra, squash, and tomatoes cooked in shrimp paste. This dish is from the Ilocos Region of the Philippines. 

Pork Menudo

Pork Menudo Recipe
Filipino menudo, also is a traditional stew dish cooked made of pork and sliced liver simmered in tomato sauce with carrots and potatoes. The dish is often referred to as ginamay or ginagmay. Contrary to the traditional Mexican dish of the same name, this dish does not include tripe or red chile sauce.
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how to cook pork menudo

Pork menudo is a prevalent dish in the Philippines. You can cook it with pork, tomato sauce, and various vegetables. Pork menudo is also a very versatile dish, as you can make it with different kinds of meat and vegetables. Additionally, pork menudo is inexpensive, making it an excellent option for budget-minded individuals.


Chopsuey Recipe
Chop suey typically contains meat and vegetables including chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, quail eggs, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, bell pepper, young corn, and pak choi. The dish also contains a thick sauce. 
Check out this recipe
vegetable chopsuey recipe

The dish typically contains a mix of stir-fried vegetables, meat, and rice, making it a complete meal. While the exact ingredients vary depending on the region, the most common vegetables used in chopsuey are cabbage, carrots, and beans. The meat is usually chicken or pork, but you can also use other meats.

Lechon Paksiw

Lechon Paksiw Recipe
For Filipinos, lechon gives life to the group and party as a whole. A proper celebration for Filipinos always includes a lechon. Whether the gathering is small or large, one usually roasts an entire pig for the occasion. 
Here’s an amazing lechon paksiw recipe: 
Check out this recipe
lechon paksiw recipe

Lechon paksiw is a dish made from simmered lechon leftovers. You can cook this dish by chopping the lechon meat into small pieces and cooking with vinegar, garlic, bay leaves, and black pepper. It’s a popular dish in the Philippines.

Tinolang Manok

tinolang manok

Tinolang manok is another Pinoy ulam idea of chicken cooked in broth with ginger and green papaya. Some variations also include corn and sayote. Filipinos consider it comfort food because it’s flavorful and easy to make. It’s perfect when looking for something quick, healthy, and satisfying.

Nilagang Baka

nilagang baka, pinoy ulam list

Nilagang baka is a Filipino dish made from beef shanks and tripe. You can prepare this Pinoy ulam by boiling the beef in water with garlic, onion, and ginger until it’s tender. After that, you can add the tripe and cook it until it’s soft. 


dinuguan ulam

Dinuguan is a Filipino dish made from pork offal, and blood stewed in a savory pork broth. Some people love it, and others find it too disgusting to try. But if you’re curious about all the fuss, give it a go – you might be surprised!

Pork Sisig

pinoy pork sisig

Pork sisig is a Filipino dish made from the pig’s head, liver, and fat. Filipinos usually serve it with an egg on top and a few pieces of chicken skin.

Filipinos initially created the dish using leftover pork parts, which has since become one of the most popular dishes in the Philippines. Additionally, you can serve the pork sisig as an appetizer or a main course.

Lechon Kawali

lechon kawali

Lechon kawali is a Filipino dish made from pork belly that is boiled and then deep-fried. Marinate the pork belly in garlic, soy sauce, and black pepper before boiling. After that, deep fry the marinated pork belly in cooking oil until it is crispy.

Finally, you serve the Lechon kawali with a dipping sauce made from vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, sugar, and chili peppers.



Bulalo is a Filipino dish made from beef shanks and bone marrow soup. This Filipino dish is a popular delicacy in the province of Batangas. And again, you can serve this as a main course or appetizer. You can cook the broth by simmering the beef shanks and bones for hours until the meat falls off the bone. Finally, you can serve the Bulalo with rice and fresh vegetables.

FAQ About Pinoy Ulam List

What is the best Pinoy ulam for lunch?

There are so many delicious Pinoy ulams to choose from for lunch, and it’s hard to pick just one! Our favorite is sinigang na baboy, but we also love adobo, mechado, afritada, and lechon kawali. Ultimately, it depends on your taste preference and what’s available at your local supermarket or Filipino restaurant. So give a few of our favorites a try and see which one you like best!

What is the easiest Pinoy ulam to prepare on the list?

There are so many great Filipino dishes that it’s tough to choose just one as the easiest to prepare. But if we had to pick one, we would say adobo is an excellent choice because it’s simple to make and always tastes delicious. Plus, there are endless variations of adobo, so you can never get bored with it. Give it a try!

What is the healthiest Pinoy ulam?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the healthiest Filipino dish will vary depending on your personal dietary needs and preferences. However, some common Filipino dishes considered healthy include adobo, sinigang, and nilaga. Each dish contains healthy ingredients like lean protein, whole grains, and vegetables. Plus, they’re all easy to prepare, so you can enjoy a healthy home-cooked meal any time you want!

Wind up

These 15 delicious Pinoy ulam recipes are sure to please! Which one will you be trying first? Let us know in the comments below!

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