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Baking Sheet: What Is It and How To Use It

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One of the most commonly used baking tools and equipment is the baking pan. However, people often confuse the pan with a baking sheet. We understand this because we were confused as well.

So, in this post, we are going to tell you the difference between a baking pan and a baking sheet. We will also talk about what the tool really is, and how it’s supposed to be used. 

What Is a Baking Sheet?

sheet pan

Also known as sheet pans, these tools come in a rectangular shape. They are one of the most versatile pieces of bakeware in the market. 

They can be used to bake many types of desserts including butterscotch bars and simple brownies.  

In addition, you can use them to make savory dishes. You can use them to make almost anything― from roast meat to savory vegetables. Interestingly, you can also use them to make lasagna and other multi-layered savory dishes. 

These baking tools have a rolled rim on all four sides. This rim prevents juices and other liquids from being lost. Additionally, the rim prevents the baking paper from sliding off. 

Interestingly, they also work well with cooling and roasting racks (pro tip: you can use them to make perfect bacon). 

Another benefit of these tools is that they are available in several sizes and materials. Whether you use them at home or for your baking business, baking sheets can fit your needs.

Half sheet pans, the standard-sized ones, measure 12 by 16 inches. Quarter sheet pans measure 9 by 13 inches. Full sheet pans, the commercial ones, measure 26 by 18 inches. 

Materials used to produce sheet pans are just as versatile as the kinds of food you can use them for. They come in stainless steel, aluminum, glass, clay, and silicone. Additionally, there are sheet pans designed for home use, professional use, and commercial use. 

As promising as these tools are, they come with some disadvantages. 

For one, acidic ingredients can react to metal. To prevent this, use parchment paper plus grease or a silicone liner on them when making food with acidic ingredients. This technique prevents the food from sticking to the pan. It also makes cleaning up easier. 

Baking Sheet vs Baking Pan: What’s the Difference?

baking sheet

To clear things out, a baking sheet is a type of baking pan. Hence, all baking sheets can be called baking pans. However, not all baking pans can be called baking sheets.

While the difference is minor, you should know your baking tool terms especially when you are using technical recipes that require specific baking tools.

In addition, most pans are deeper than these multi-purpose tools.

For instance, a cake pan is deeper than this versatile tool. Baking sheets are usually one inch tall. On the other hand, cake pans are usually two inches tall. 

While these baking tools can hold runny batter, other pans do it better. For instance, you better use circular baking pans for making casseroles and cobblers.

cookie sheet

Another tool often confused with the baking sheet is the cookie sheet.

This happens because both tools feature the same rolled rim. You can also use both tools to bake cookies such as chocolate chip cookies and raisin oatmeal cookies

Due to many similarities in function, people often think that cookie and baking sheets are the same. Unfortunately, they are not.

For one, a baking sheet differs from a cookie sheet because of its bottom. The bottom of a cookie sheet is flat. They do not have raised sides. 

On the other hand, the bottom of a baking sheet is flat. However, they have raised sides. 

Cookie sheets look this way because manufacturers designed them for making cookies. The flat bottom and unraised sides make sure that the cookies do not lose their shape. These features also make the cookies bake evenly and easy to remove. 

In addition, cookie sheets have small lips on one edge. This exists for gripping when you need to put them in and out of the oven. Cookie sheets also come in many materials and sizes. 

How to Use a Baking Sheet Like a Pro

how to use a baking sheet

How to Use a Baking Sheet

  1. Wash the baking sheet.

  2. Grease the baking sheet.

  3. Line the sheet pan with parchment paper.

  4. Pour the batter in.

  5. Start baking.

How to Use a Baking Sheet

Here’s how you can use a multi-purpose baking sheet:

1. Wash the baking sheet.

First of all, you need to wash the baking sheet. Never use a baking sheet without washing it. 

To clean your baking tool properly, use mild liquid soap mixed with water. Strong soap can corrode metal sheets. 

2. Grease the baking sheet.

Make sure that your sheet is dry and free of leftover grease. Wet areas can cake with the flour in the batter, making the batter stick. Additionally, leftover grease adds fat not called for in the recipe. 

You can use oil or melted butter to grease your sheet pan. Use a brush to evenly coat the baking sheet with fat.

3. Line the sheet pan with parchment paper.

Next, line your sheet pan with parchment paper. Make sure to use a bigger parchment paper so the edges go beyond the rim of the baking sheet. 

This allows you to easily grab the desserts out after baking. 

4. Pour the batter in.

Make sure that the parchment paper stuck to the sheet pan. Watch out for the corners, as many bakers often miss them.

Then, carefully put your batter in the sheet pan. Level it off as much as possible.

5. Start baking.

Place the sheet pan inside your oven for baking, and turn it on. That’s it! Wait for it to bake and serve. 


Contrary to popular belief, baking sheets are slightly different from the other tools mentioned above.

Now that we have cleared everything, it’s time for you to focus on what you do best― baking. 


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