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20 Bakery Equipment You Need for Your Business

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Ever imagined owning a bakery business where the aroma of fresh bread fills the air and delectable pastries catch the eye? While your love for baking is the driving force, the bakery equipment you have can set your treats apart. 

If you’re an aspiring baker ready to open a business or an established one eyeing an upgrade, you must know the right tools. In this post, we’ll explore 20 must-have pieces of baking equipment designed to turn your dream bakery into reality.

List of Bakery Equipment 

  1. Ovens
  2. Mixers
  3. Proofer cabinets
  4. Baking sheets and pans
  5. Scales
  6. Dough sheeters
  7. Bread slicers
  8. Fermentation tanks
  9. Refrigerators and freezers
  10. Display cases
  11. Work tables
  12. Utensils
  13. Dough dividers and rounders
  14. Storage bins and containers
  15. Dough retarders
  16. Molders
  17. Decorating tools
  18. Cooling racks
  19. Bread baskets and trays
  20. Ingredient dispensers

20 Equipment Every Bakery Must Have

Here are the baking equipment you need for a thriving business:

1. Ovens

baking items oven

These are every bakery’s lifeline. Ovens are more than just a heating source. They’re also integral to transforming simple baking ingredients into delectable treats. When choosing an oven for baking, you must factor in what you’ll be baking most frequently. 

Convection ovens circulate hot air for even baking, making them a favorite for cookies and cakes. On the other hand, deck ovens have stone shelves that deliver consistent heat, ideal for artisanal bread. Meanwhile, rotary ovens fit large-scale bakeries well as they can bake many items simultaneously, turning trays for even exposure.

2. Mixers

baking items mixer

These serve as the arms of a baker. Imagine trying to combine thick dough by hand for hours.

That’s where mixers come in. Large floor mixers can churn through heavy dough in large quantities, making them indispensable for a bustling bakery. For more delicate tasks or quick whips, use handheld mixers. They’re lightweight and offer more control, especially for creams, icings, and light batters.

3. Proofer Cabinets

bakery equipment proofer cabinets

They’re the nurturing cradle for your dough. 

You see, baking isn’t just about mixing and popping things in an oven. The fermentation or rising of dough is a magical phase where flavors develop and textures form. Proofer cabinets offer a controlled environment, making sure the dough gets the warmth and moisture it needs. The result? Fluffy, airy, and perfectly risen baked goods every time.

4. Baking Sheets and Pans

bakery equipment baking sheets and pans

Think of them as the beds where your ingredients come together and turn into delicious goods. 

Remember, the type and quality of baking pans and sheets you use can influence the outcome of your baked goods. For instance, a heavy-duty muffin tin ensures even heat distribution, giving you perfectly browned muffins. Similarly, a non-stick baking sheet can be the difference between cookies that slide right off and those that, unfortunately, stick and break. Having a diverse range ensures you’re always ready, whether you’re baking a loaf of bread or delicate pastries.

5. Scales

bakery equipment scales

Baking requires striking the right balance, where even a tiny bit more or less of an ingredient can change the outcome. This delicate dance needs precision, putting scales at the center stage. 

Among them, digital scales stand out because they ensure spot-on measurements. Their clear displays also allow bakers to confidently measure everything, from a big scoop of flour to a sprinkle of yeast. What do you get in return? Consistently delicious and perfectly textured treats each time you bake.

6. Dough Sheeters

bakery equipment scales dough sheeters

Ask any seasoned baker, and they’ll admit that manually rolling out dough is no easy feat! 

Enter the dough sheeter, a baker’s best friend. This baking tool simplifies the task and lets you swiftly get that perfect dough thickness. 

Consider the buttery layers of a croissant or any airy puff pastry― crafting such perfection by hand is quite the challenge. Thanks to the dough sheeter, your hands are spared the exhaustion. Meanwhile, it makes sure that every pastry turns out delicious.

7. Bread Slicers

bakery equipment bread slicers

Picture this: a customer comes in and buys a loaf of freshly baked bread. But when they get home, they end up with uneven slices― some too thick, others too thin. 

With a bread slicer, that’s a concern of the past. Just place your loaf in it, and voila, outcome uniform slices, ready for sandwiches, toasts, or whatever your heart desires. Your customers will surely appreciate the uniformity, and so will that perfect sandwich they make!

8. Fermentation Tanks

bakery equipment fermentation tanks

Baking isn’t merely an artistic endeavor; a dash of science is involved, especially in bread-making. 

The fermentation stage is crucial; the dough rises and gains its distinct flavor. However, not every type of bread will happily rise on your kitchen counter. 

Take sourdough, for instance. It needs a particular setting to ferment just right. This is where fermentation tanks come in. By regulating temperature and moisture, these tanks provide the ideal conditions, allowing the dough to mature and enrich its taste and texture. Think of it as a luxurious vacation, only for your dough!

9. Refrigerators and Freezers

bakery equipment refrigerators and freezers

Consider them the sentinels of your bakery essentials. Baking ingredients have their comfort zones. Commercial fridges offer more than just space. They also promise uniform cooling, ensuring that items like milk, eggs, and cream stay at their peak freshness. 

On the other hand, freezers play the vital role of safeguarding dough batches, fruits, and other essentials, locking in their freshness for future use. And let’s not forget the completed pastries. Some need that chilled embrace to retain their delightful taste and perfect consistency.

10. Display Cases

bakery equipment display cases

In the culinary world, first glances matter a lot. Think of display cases as your bakery’s inviting front door. They don’t just present; they captivate. 

Through their transparent panels, your creations’ vibrant colors and intricate textures take center stage. But it’s not all about looks; the behind-the-scenes tech plays a crucial role, too. 

Cases with temperature and humidity adjustments are gold, particularly for sensitive treats like cream pastries or chocolate confections. They guarantee that what lures customers in with their looks also wins their hearts with taste.

11. Work Tables

work tables

They’re another pillar of a bakery’s daily grind. Picture yourself molding dough or decorating a cake on an unstable surface. Quite the challenge, right?

Fortunately, a durable and roomy work table lays the groundwork for countless baked wonders. Stainless steel tables offer lasting strength. With their sleek, impermeable top, they’re resilient against spills and a cinch to wipe down, ensuring a clean and safe baking environment.

12. Utensils


Often overshadowed by big machines, these tools are the silent workhorses of the baking world. They might appear simple, but their value is immense.

With a spatula, you ensure every dollop of batter finds its way into the pan, leaving nothing behind. The whisk breathes life into your mixture, giving cakes their airy charm. And those measuring cups? They help recreate cherished family recipes to perfection. Each tool, no matter how small, makes sure your baked treats turn out great. 

13. Dough Dividers and Rounders

baking items dough dividers and rounders

Have you ever seen the uniform buns and rolls at a bakery? That’s the magic of dough dividers and rounders at work. 

These tools segment the dough into even portions and shape them into neat spheres. This guarantees that each piece bakes consistently. It also gives your baked goods a polished look, sure to catch customers’ eyes and elevate their overall experience.

14. Storage Bins and Containers

baking items storage bins and containers

For a bakery to run smoothly, being organized is key. Picture sifting through a maze of bags to locate that specific bag of walnuts! 

That’s where storage bins and containers step in, providing a systematic way to stash and sort ingredients. Transparent containers let you see their contents at a glance. And those boasting airtight closures? They’re game-changers, ensuring the contents stay fresh and protected from any pesky intruders.

15. Dough Retarders

baking items dough retarders

Baking is essentially a tango with timing. And yeast? It’s one enthusiastic dance partner. 

Enter dough retarders, the baking equipment that helps bakers set the rhythm. They let the yeast work its magic for longer durations by regulating the fermentation pace. This flexibility allows bakers to prep dough ahead of time. This ensures they’re always equipped to whip up fresh loaves or pastries.

16. Molders

baking items molders

Crafting a tasty bread is a feat, but giving it the ideal shape is an art in itself. 

Thanks to molders, you can give your products the right shape. Think of them as the artists behind every bakery’s masterpieces. Whether you’re creating the sleek lines of a classic baguette or the hearty form of a country loaf, molders make sure you get the right shapes and sizes. They set the stage, ensuring that each bread looks as amazing as it tastes. 

17. Decorating Tools

decorating tools

While flavors captivate the palate, visuals entice the eyes. Decorating tools act as the artist’s kit, that lets bakers show their personal flair. 

Through piping bags and different nozzles, you can weave designs ranging from sophisticated cake drizzles to dainty cupcake blossoms. When you introduce edible paints, food colors, and gels, cakes become blank canvases, ready to be painted with imagination. These tools let you make visually stunning creations that are a treat for the senses.

18. Cooling Racks

cooling racks

Once the flurry of baking winds down, let the baked treats take a breather! Think of cooling racks as the comfy couches for your freshly baked marvels. By lifting them up, they let air flow freely, ensuring a uniform cool down. 

This sidesteps the dreaded soggy base and ensures the texture remains intact. Be it a batch of newly baked cookies or a cake prepping for its decorative finish, cooling racks play a crucial role in priming them for the final reveal.

19. Bread Baskets and Trays

bread basket and trays

Presentation is the cherry on top of baked delights. Beyond their practical use, bread baskets and trays carry their own charm. 

Picture a braided basket brimming with warm, fresh rolls, radiating a cozy, welcoming feel. Or a modern tray, artfully arranged with an assortment of pastries, enticing customers to take a bite. Whether it’s for in-house dining or tempting window displays, choosing the right basket or tray can enhance baked creations, drawing people in for a taste.

20. Ingredient Dispensers

ingredient dispensers

Amid the whirlwind pace of a bakery, quick access and accuracy are crucial. Enter ingredient dispensers, the behind-the-scenes baking equipment champs. 

Picture the ease of getting your go-to ingredients, like flour or sugar, with a simple slide or push. Gone are the days of juggling bags or jars. These dispensers give bakers a fast track to their essentials and minimize spills and prep time. They’re not just storage. They also dispense just the right quantity, keeping recipes spot-on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are bakery equipments?

Bakery equipment are ovens, mixers, proofer cabinets, baking sheets and pans, scales, dough sheeters, bread slicers, fermentation tanks, refrigerators and freezers, display cases, work tables, utensils, dough dividers and rounders, storage bins and containers, dough retarders, molders, decorating tools, cooling racks, bread baskets and trays, and ingredient dispensers.

What are the 10 baking equipment?

The 10 baking equipment are ovens, mixers, proofer cabinets, baking sheets and pans, scales, dough sheeters, bread slicers, fermentation tanks, refrigerators and freezers, and display cases.

What are the main bakery items?

The main bakery items are bread, brownies, muffins, cakes, cookies, pies, bagels, crackers, buns, and tarts.


Jumping into the bakery game isn’t just about nailing those recipes; it’s about having the right gadgets. From your trusty oven to time-saving dispensers, every tool counts when you’re trying to whip up that perfect treat. 

Having the best gear means consistent, smooth baking and putting your heart and soul into every bite. So, as you dive into this delicious journey, remember that with the right tools and a whole lot of passion, your bakery dreams can become a tasty reality. So, gear up, bake your heart out, and let your creations tell your story!


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