How to Promote Your Bakery

So, how do you promote your bakery? Sometimes, your bakery business needs a small dose of marketing to ensure that the delicious lingering smell of baked goods reaches the target customers! Like you're creative with your baked goods, you'll also find crafty ways to entice and retain more customers. Your customers might be more attracted to online platforms, or they…


Restaurant or Cafe: Differences and What to Choose

Nowadays, people have little time to prepare meals at their homes, since most are busy with their schedules. Opting for food cooked by others therefore would be the best option. This leads to aspiring business owners asking which is better: a restaurant or a cafe? Given their popularity, which one should you choose? Don’t worry, because we’re here to help…

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How To Make Perfect and Stable Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting

What is the one thing you would want to make sure of before making frosting? Stability. Cream cheese buttercream icing and frosting can be amazing, but if it doesn't hold up for long periods of time it's not worth serving. We'll show you how to make perfect and stable cream cheese buttercream frosting so that your cakes will always look…

increase sales during pandemic marketing strategy for bakery business
How to increase sales during pandemic 2021

Marketing Strategy For Bakery Business: Pandemic-Proof

With a saturated industry and the COVID-19 pandemic affecting us beyond 2021, how do you sustain and increase your sales amidst this pandemic? It's hard to make a digital marketing plan/strategy for a bakery business or even start a bakery or baking business from home. Based on our more than 25 years of experience, it’s not simply about hard work.…


Sonya’s Garden Started with a Health Advocacy In Mind

[Audible Article] Sonya’s Garden Alagang Sonya. It started with the food sourced directly from Sonya’s Garden.  With a green thumb who lived in Europe for 10 years, Sonya founded this business. What started as a weekend gathering of her friends is now a venue of the sweetest weddings and memorable milestones for Filipinos.  Changing her lifestyle, she avoids eating meat…

rodillas yema cake
yema cake rodillas

Rodillas Yema Cake: The Story Behind Its Success

[Audible Article] Rodillas Yema Cake By Monica And Jett Bakeshop It was a great partnership ― a match made in heaven. Vincent and Juliet Rodillas endured a long journey before finally creating their specialty― the delightful Rodillas Yema Cake Product of Monica and Jett Bakeshop, the pride of Tayabas, Quezon. Their cakes are known for their mouth-watering frosting and soft…


How to Prepare Your Business for Holidays the Right Way

[Audible Article] How to Prepare Your Business for Holidays the Right Way Holidays like Valentine’s, Mother's Day, and Christmas are a holy grail for bakers. From long lines to tons of reservations, holidays fill your store with orders. Hence, knowing how to prepare your business for holidays is crucial. Filipino holiday seasons are extremely profitable. On the downside, they can…

biggs diner

Biggs Diner: From a Small Takeout Counter to Many Big Branches

[Audible Article] BIGGS Diner Biggs Diner has been around for 34 years. It all started in 1983 when three enterprising ladies, Nene Bichara, Nienie Buenaflor, and Maricar Manjon gave the food business a shot. At that time, they thought a take-out counter specializing in hamburgers and fries was perfect for then developing Naga. From Mang Donald’s to Nalds to Carl’s…


Graceland / Baker’s Plaza / Red Platter: A Story of Triumph

[Audible Article] Graceland / Baker’s Plaza A humble beginning that turned into a powerhouse food business in Naga and Bicol’s major towns and cities. Felipe and Felicidad Dy started the legacy of Graceland. Their willingness to try anything to help them meet the objectives of their growing family was astounding. Both didn’t finish schooling back in the days but that…