Bicol Express Recipe: Pinoy Spicy Dish

When you think of completing a Bicol Express recipe, what’s the first image that comes into mind?  Most likely, you think of a creamy pork dish from the Southern Philippines with lots of spicy local chili or siling labuyo. Well, congrats because you’re not far off from that description!  Bicol Express refers to a simple yet delicious dish made of…


Simple Fruit Salad Recipe: A Healthy Dessert

With fruit salad being a super popular dish in the country, do we really need a recipe for it? Of course, yes. Here, our simple salad recipe will teach you how to make a delicious dessert without sacrificing everyone's love of the creamy, delightful flavor. Plus, we aim to elevate this classic summer salad to new heights. A Filipino Christmas…

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Food Color: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ended up with cake batter a few shades too dark because of natural food coloring? Did you make the seemingly perfect icing only to mess up the color? How about frosting that’s too dark or too light? Thankfully, our beloved food color and Emulco guide can help. With all those colorful bottles and jars, using food color can…

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Pagoda Festival: The Ultimate Guide

If you’ve visited or lived in Bulacan, there’s no way you don’t know about the Bocaue Pagoda Festival Philippines. Yes, you can fight me if you don’t know about this amazing festival. Just kidding, let’s not fight. Peace all the way.  Jokes aside, the town of Bocaue in the province of Bulacan celebrates the Bocaue Pagoda Festival, also known as…


Champorado Recipe: Perfect For The Rainy Season

Looking for the ultimate breakfast treat? All things considered, nothing seems to beat a quick and easy champorado recipe. Not meant to make you drool here but there’s just something with the mix of glutinous rice, condensed milk or evaporated milk, and cocoa powder that makes champorado so delightful. Ready to dig into the perfect bowl of champorado? Hold your…

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Chopsuey Recipe: Definitely Healthy and Delicious

Looking for the right balance of healthy and delicious? Look no more because the easiest vegetable chopsuey recipe is here. In a nutshell, this chopsuey recipe contains meat (aka protein) and vegetables (aka vitamins and minerals). This dish is so great that even those who used to hate vegetables will grow to love them. But what makes this vegetable chopsuey…

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Calumet Baking Powder Product Review

If you’ve been baking for quite some time, you likely have a box of Calumet Baking Powder in your pantry or dirty kitchen.  Baking powder contains baking soda and a dry acid, such as sodium aluminum sulfate and cream of tartar. Since the acid in the baking powder became dry, the baking soda does not react until you put liquid…


Pintados Festival: The Ultimate Guide

Pintados Kasadyaan is one of the most anticipated and unique festivals in the whole country. Many look forward to it because of the Pintados tattoo, colorful clothes, lively atmosphere, and nonstop partying. This event serves as a mix of two well-known festivals: the Kasadyaan Festival and the Pintados Festival.  In the local language, "kasadyaan" means "happiness." Meanwhile, "Pintados" refers to…


The Only Kakanin List You’ll Ever Need

Did you know? Kakanin is just rice transformed into a snack. Many Filipinos enjoy eating these delights until their next meal. So, you'll be delighted to know that we compiled a Filipino kakanin list just for you. Plus, kakanin is as consistent as rice. Fortunately, one can make many varieties of kakanin using essential components like glutinous rice, coconut milk, and…


Pahiyas Festival: Everything You Need to Know

There's always a cause to rejoice in the Philippines, with festivals ranging from religious experiences to customs for basic foods. Lucban's Pahiyas Festival honors farming and the patron saint of the garden.  Pahiyas came from two terms in the Philippines: 'hiyas,' which is a rare stone, and 'payas,' which means to decorate anything for an offering. The Pahiyas celebration translates…