HICAPS Marketing Corp. is now serving Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, Quezon, Rizal, Bicol, Metro Manila and selected areas in Central & North Luzon. FREE delivery in Biñan, Cabuyao & Santa Rosa for every minimum order of P500.00. We accept credit/debit cards, G-Cash payment.

There is nothing we love more than great food.

That is why we made food our business. HICAPS Marketing Corporation is passionate and driven to bring out the best in your food products, may it be for personal or commercial purposes.

Driven with the inspiration to provide you with the best ingredients and solutions for your baking needs, we continuously develop our products to perfection to satisfy your requirements.

We are consistently devoted to bring you only the finest culinary ingredients that will give your dishes an explosion of divine flavors and heavenly taste in every serving.

Just as how we find pleasure in offering quality ingredients for you, we also care about equipping your kitchen with convenient and modern designed tools and equipment to make your next masterpiece a culinary success.

Made from the heart by our skilled and passionate chefs are traditional and innovative recipes available for everyone who loves great food like us.

EMULCO - Flavors & Colors

A premium blend of food flavoring, coloring and emulsifier, added into food products to enhance appearance, aroma, flavor, mouthfeel and to retain moisture. These flavors are typically used in applications that involve heating, and are excellent in bakery and confectionery products.


Our Happy Customers

Mer-Nel’s Cake House

“For over 12 years, we have developed a partnership with HICAPS Marketing Corporation based on trust and confidence not just on the quality of products and services but as well as on the assurance that support is always there when needed.”

Dimas-Alang 1919

“Hicaps Marketing Corporation has been an ally in our business and has been a tremendous benefit to us at Dimas-Alang. How can it not be so to other bread makers as well?”


“Over 15 years of partnership, Biggs and HICAPS have been together through thick and thin. The attentiveness of HICAPS team to our needs is one of the key reasons why the partnership has prospered and stayed this long.”

Graceland/Baker’s Plaza

“Graceland and HICAPS have been partners for over 17 years. With this partnership, we find HICAPS very reliable not only with the quality of the products but with the continued support from the company.”

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